6 Things To Do With Your Girl Gang In Abu Dhabi On Emirati Women’s Day

by Anupriya Mishra
6 Things To Do With Your Girl Gang In Abu Dhabi On Emirati Women’s Day

The Emirati Women’s Day is celebrated annually on August 28. This year, it falls on Monday and a great way to drive away, those Monday blues is by celebrating the day with your favourite girlies. If you are also wondering about what you can do during the day, we have got you covered! Yes, we have made a list of fun-filled things that you can do with your girl gang on Women’s Day in Abu Dhabi. Take a look!

Things To Do In Abu Dhabi This Emirati Women’s Day

1. Go Mangrove Kayaking

This one is especially for all you beauties out there who love to get in touch with nature while also partaking in thrilling activities. Jubail Mangrove Park in Abu Dhabi is a great place to experience all this and more. If you and your girl squad love to partake in outdoor activities, then you have got to sign up for kayaking here. After all, it is one of the most popular activities in the park!

2. Treat Yourselves To An Immersive Meal

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Abu Dhabi has many immersive dining experiences where people can drop by for a memorable meal. From a 2D restaurant, Forever Rose to a pretty pink eatery all the way from London, EL&N, there is something for every diner in the emirate. So, it’s bound to be a memorable meal with your favourite ladies at any of these restaurants in Abu Dhabi while you chat about all the good old days and make some new precious memories.

3. Go Shopping At The Malls In Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is home to several malls like the Marina Mall or even the Yas Mall, there are several options to leave anyone truly spoilt for choice. From apparel to home decor items or even gadgets, these malls, offer something for every buyer. And what better way to indulge yourself on Emirati Women’s Day than by shopping to your heart’s content? Yes, it can actually be quite therapeutic to shop with your favourite humans, after all, you are not just buying something that you might have been dreaming about for ages, but during the whole process, you are also talking about all the things relating to your life.

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4. Spend The Day At Yas Island

Yas Island is one of the best attractions in the world! So, can there be a better way to celebrate the women’s day than spending a day at this renowned destination? Well, it’s home to malls, thrilling entertainment parks, and waterparks that offer a variety of options for those who want to spend a day here. Not to mention, there are many impressive hotels and boutique stays that are perfect for a staycation as well.

5. Enjoy Afternoon Tea At One Of The Many Places

Afternoon tea
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Afternoon tea is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing ways to spend time with your loved ones and maybe even introspect on your lives. And if you and your girl friends enjoy a good couple, there are many options in Abu Dhabi that will make choosing a place rather difficult. Whether it’s Observation Deck at 300, Osmo Lounge & Bar or Alba Lobby Lounge, there are many places in the emirate. Not to mention, most of these places also offer a delightful assortment of labels, including both savoury and sweet treats that go perfectly with your steaming hot cup of tea.

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6. Enjoy A Spa Day & Forget About Your Worries

Spa Emirati Women's Day
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One of the best ways to drive your Monday blues and stress away is through a rejuvenating spy experience. And it’s definitely better to enjoy this with your trusted, Gauri is done doing it all alone. After all, anything with your favourite humans, this can become a memorable time filled with giggles and interesting stories. As it happens, there are many places where you can indulge in this experience, such as The Spa at the Saint Regis, Sofitel Spa, or even Armonia Spa, to name a select few places.

So, with Emirati Women’s Day nearly here, it’s time to make plans already! Go ahead and tag your girlies right away.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & Instagram/jubail_mangrove_park