6 Tips To Host The Ultimate Diwali House Party For Your Loved Ones | Curly Tales

by Rachna Srivastava
6 Tips To Host The Ultimate Diwali House Party For Your Loved Ones | Curly Tales

Do you know what brings people together? House parties, potlucks of food, a great playlist, and of course, the festival of love and lights – Diwali!  And what makes a successful Diwali party? Lights, decor, food, gifts, and a tinge of luxury.

The festive season is here and we’re sure you are swimming through a sea of house party invites. Certainly, you wish to be the best host or hostess! If you are looking forward to hosting a luxurious, homely yet extremely unique Diwali house party for your friends and family, then we at Curly Tales can show you the way!

Inside Team Curly Tales’s Diwali House Party

Our colleague Nayanika Singhal recently called us home and treated us to the most luxurious Diwali party. Right from the delectable spread that tickled our taste buds to the exclusive butler service, we were stunned.

Tips To Host Luxurious House Party

Looking for some tips to hold the best Diwali House Party ever? Read on.

Tip 1 – Always go for a theme, Diwali parties need not stick to the same script every year.

Tip 2 – Food is everybody’s love language, ensure it is handcrafted from the best of the best. We had ITC Hotels‘ signature delicacies from their award-winning kitchen. The perfect way to pamper your guests.

Tip 3 – Presentation is everything! Diwali symbolises everything new so get the best in everything. Dress up and light up.

Tip 4 – Gifts are an expression of love & always leave a lasting impression. We opted for ITC Hotels Deepavali Festive Curations which offers a variety of options of traditional and contemporary artisanal mithais, festive tea cakes, jar treats, exotic brownies, fudge, and Fabelle chocolates along with nice décor items.

Tip 5 – Games and activities are a must-have, what better way to engage your guests than fun-filled games?

Tip 6 – Stay sustainable. Be responsible. That’s the reason why we chose ITC Hotels.

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Let ITC Hotels Make Your Diwali Extra Special

We had a blast at the house party, a big courtesy to ITC hotels. And you can even get your hands on these exquisite hampers on the official ITC website

And, don’t forget to place your orders on the ITC Hotels app under Gourmet Couch. Go download the ITC Hotels app now! And since we love you all soo much, you can use code  CT10 and save 10% on your orders via the Gourmet Couch App.

Well, there’s more. On orders above ₹30,000, you get complimentary butler service. Talk about grand! For that, you can use the code Butlerathome.

We are sure with these handy tips and tricks and ITC Hotels’ signature offerings you will certainly have a Happy Diwali and stand out as the most loved host in your circle!