61% Of UAE Residents Willing To Pay More For Eco-friendly & Sustainable Travelling According To This Survey

by Anupriya Mishra
61% Of UAE Residents Willing To Pay More For Eco-friendly & Sustainable Travelling According To This Survey

Sustainability has become a trending word amongst people recently. Today, they’re slowly becoming conscious about the kind of products and services they choose and how it impacts the environment. And recently, a survey conducted showed that a majority of UAE residents are willing to pay more for eco-friendly and sustainable travelling.

The Majority In The UAE Willing To Pay More For Eco-Friendly Travel

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Yes, many of the UAE residents accounting for about 61% are willing to pay more for eco-friendly travelling. This result was released by YouGov, which conducted a survey. It found that residents in the UAE are the second highest people to pay for eco-friendly, responsible, and sustainable travel. They stood ahead of residents in the countries like Indonesia, Mexico, China, Spain, Hong Kong, Canada, Sweden, France, the USA, and Italy. It’s also worth mentioning that YouGov uses answers from 1,806 respondents from the UAE aged above 18, for this survey.

As it happens, 65% of people in the UAE also consider it important to choose travel companies that follow a strong sustainability policy. This is hardly surprising, the government has driven sustainability to become a way of life amongst residents and companies. In fact, to promote sustainability in the Emirates, Expo 2020 even hosted a sustainability pavilion and sustainability district called Terra. Additionally, this year the United Arab Emirates will be hosting the COP28 conference! For those who aren’t aware, this is the world’s largest gathering of leaders who will discuss the impact of climate change.

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The UAE Has The Highest Appreciation For Travel After The Pandemic

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As a result, all these efforts by the government have raised awareness among people. They are now increasingly supporting companies that endorse sustainability in their products and services. The country that stood first in this survey is India. This is because residents who are willing to pay for eco-friendly travel trips account for about 68%! Besides this, the survey also found out that the consumers in UAE have a great appreciation for travel since the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, it stood at the highest with 58% out of 18 countries! As such, the Dubai International passenger traffic figures standing at a massive 66 million in 2022 also reflected this.

Finally, in the whitepaper on luxury travel post-pandemic released by YouGov, residents in the UAE also consider entertainment and quality luxury accommodation while choosing a destination when travelling.

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