7 Delectable Sweets From Andhra Pradesh That Will Leave Your Palate Satiated

Sweets From Andhra Pradesh
by Anupriya Mishra 212

A king-like fest is rather incomplete without some decadent desserts to end the meal on a sweet note. If you happen to be someone who enjoys sweet treats, this article has been written especially for you. Andhra Pradesh offers a variety of dishes that are enjoyed by the masses and the desserts in the region are equally sought-after. Here’s a handpicked list of 7 delectable sweets from Andhra Pradesh that warrant your attention.

A List Of 7 Decadent Sweets From Andhra Pradesh

1. Pootharekulu


Pic Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Pootharekulu is an extremely popular dessert available in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This delightful treat comprises a wafer-thin rice starch layer resembling paper, which encases dry fruits and nuts rolled in sugar. These are then fried until golden brown, making it a nutty and crispy treat. The beloved mithai can be found at almost every sweet shop during festivals and is a popular pick for wedding celebrations as well.

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2. Sunnundalu


Pic Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Sunnundalu is regarded as one of the healthiest desserts in Andhra Pradesh. While this dessert is primarily made from powdered urad dal, sugar, and cardamom but as this is pretty difficult to make at home, people tend to purchase them from sweet shops. This melt-in-your-mouth dessert is not just delicious but is also high in iron, protein, minerals, and antioxidants. Some variations of this crowd-favourite dessert also include dried fruits that amp up the flavour.

3. Kakinada Kaja

Kakinada Kaja

Pic Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Another traditional albeit popular dessert, Kakinada kaja, is unique in its own way. This crowd-favourite dessert has a little tough exterior and is juicy on the inside. Enjoyed for its exemplary mouthfeel, this treat is touted to have originated in the city of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh in 1891. This dessert mainly uses refined wheat flour, sugar, and ghee as ingredients with some variations across the state.

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4. Gavvalu


Pic Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Gavvalu is also popularly known as a sweet shell, owing to its offbeat shape. The glistening dessert is generally prepared during festivals using jaggery and wheat flour. However, there are many variations of this sweet nibble due to the diverse ingredients used for making this treat. Since these bite-sized nibbles are coated in a sugary syrup, it’s pretty sweet and perfect for those who prefer sugary desserts.

5. Ariselu


Pic Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Ariselu is a traditional dessert from the state that is generally enjoyed during the Sankranti holidays. Similar to Adhirasam, a Tamil Nadu dessert, the Andhra version is whipped up along with sesame seeds. Since it’s pretty easy to make this dessert at home, it’s quite a popular go-to option in the region.

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6. Poornam Boorelu

Poornam Boorelu

Pic Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Poornam boorelu is a decadent dessert made using chana dal, jaggery, cardamoms, urad dal, and rice. This deep-fried goodness has a crispy exterior and sinfully sweet stuffing that makes it a popular choice amongst foodies. Like other sweets in the region, this dessert also includes urad dal as it is widely grown in South India. While the dessert always finds many takers, it is usually served during festivals and wedding celebrations.

7. Paramannam


Pic Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Lastly, there is Paramannam, which is basically Andhra-style payasam. The simplistic preparation and ingredients earn it the title of  ‘common man’s sweet’. Also known as Sankranti pongali or bellam pongali, the dessert is made using rice, milk, dried fruits, and jaggery. Some other variations of this dish may also include types of grains, lentils, coconut milk, or other ingredients, making it a famed treat in households.

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We bet you’re probably busy wiping your drool, so start ticking off these sweets from Andhra Pradesh from your list. And while you’re at it, let us know your favourites in the comments section below.

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