How To Make South Indian-Style Payasam At Home!

by Vinita Jain
How To Make South Indian-Style Payasam At Home!

Indian desserts are a taste treat and an integral part of any celebration. Payasam is a South Indian delicacy served on every Indian festival, wedding, and all other auspicious occasions. Rice is cooked in full-fat milk and sweetened with sugar. Payasam is also known as South Indian rice kheer because of its rich flavor and creamy texture. There are many different types of Payasam, from traditional recipes with rice, vermicelli, and mung bean to other recipes such as jevvarisi Payasam, thengai Payasam, and Rava Payasam. Although it is slightly different from Kheer because the traditional Payasam contains ingredients such as jaggery and coconut milk instead of the sugar and dairy milk used primarily in  North Indian varieties.

If you want to try your hands on Payasam, then we got you some of the easy Payasam recipes.

1. Rajshri Food 

Learn to make lip-smacking Payasam from Chef Inamdar.

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2. Hebbars Kitchen

Try this recipe of Moong-dal Payasam also known as Paruppu payasam.

3. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Check out this recipe of Parippu Payasam which is creamy and is prepared for special occasions. This authentic Payasam recipe will make you fall in love with this South Indian delicacy.

4. Dindigul Food Court

Here is the kid’s favorite Payasam recipe, the Semiya Payasam.

5. Be The Cook

Check out the luscious South Indian Moong dal Payasam recipe.

6. Hebbars Kitchen

Here is a step-to-step process of making traditional, rich, and creamy Kerala Pal Payasam at home.

7. Authentic Kerala

Kerala Parippu Payasam is one of the traditional sweet dishes in Kerala. You can learn to make Authentic South Indian Payasam from this video.

8. Rajshri Food

Rajshri Food shares another recipe of Moong dal Payasam. This is one of the recipes that is cooked for generations.

9. Authentic Kerala

This channel teaches another Onam Sadya special recipe of Ada Pradhaman Payasam.

10. Home Cooking Show

On special occasions, you might have less time to prepare any sweet, but don’t worry here’s an instant rice Payasam recipe.

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