Pair Your Evening Chai With These Low-Calorie South Indian Snacks

by Vinita Jain
Pair Your Evening Chai With These Low-Calorie South Indian Snacks

Chai is not just a beverage for most of us, it’s an emotion. Yes, in India we all are so obsessed to end our hectic days with a cup of tea. Course types vary from person to person. Whether you like milk tea, freshly brewed tea, or liqueur tea. No milk or milk, no sugar or sugar, Tea is mandatory in a day. Often the evening chai is paired up with pakoras, samosas, bread rolls, kachoris, and mainly the fried and crunchy stuff. What you can do is pair up your evening chai with some South-Indian snacks. South Indian is nutritious, low on calories, filling, and most significantly it is luscious in taste. Here are some super duper  South-Indian pair ups for your evening chai!!

1. Adai

Adai is a healthy, high-protein nutritious lentil crepe made from rice, lentils, and spices. It is a flavourful and healthy snack that goes perfectly with a cup of tea. Check out this recipe to make healthy Adai at home.

2. Churumuri

Churumuri is a puffed rice snack popular on the streets of Karnataka. It is a plate of spicy chaat including some veggies. Here is the recipe to make luscious Churumuri.

3. Oats Idli

If you’re very strict with your diet, rather than doing any other experiments. Just pair up your evening cup of tea with the healthiest Oats Idli.

4. Tawa Idlis

Tawa Idli is a delicious twist to the regular Idlis. They can also be made from the leftover Idlis. Just toss them with crunchy onions, tomatoes, green chilies, and raw spices under zero oil on a Tawa. Tawa Idlis can be the perfect chatpata snack that you can pair up with your evening chai. Here is an interesting recipe to make flavorsome Tawa Idlis.

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5. Bread Masala Upma

Bored from the regular Vegetable Upma then try this scrumptious bread masala upma. It is basically made from the leftover bread which is then tossed with spices and some vegetables. Check out this recipe to get a better idea of Bread Masala Upma and relish it with your evening chai.

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