How To Make Super-Soft Idli At Home

by Vinita Jain
How To Make Super-Soft Idli At Home

Idlis are the most common yet satisfying breakfast option for a lot of Indians. Because these are easily digestible and filling, it even helps in losing weight. Good idlis are defined by their texture, they have to be soft and fluffy. And, that is the point where you need to pay attention. The batter of Idlis only helps in making the idlis soft and fluffy. Here are some of the best recipes to make super-soft idlis at home.

1. Kerala Flavor in Hindi

Learn the detailed method of making batter for soft and fluffy idlis from this channel.

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2. Hebbars Kitchen

Hebbars Kitchen gives some tips to make spongy and super-soft idlis at home, do use these tips next time when you make Idlis.

3. Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika teaches the process of making idli-dosa batter at home. Apart from always buying the batter why not try making it at home.

4. PadhusKitchen

Check out the process of making super-soft and fluffy idlis at home from a very experienced person.

5. CookingShooking

Make cotton-like soft suji Idlis from CookingShooking. Serve it with the authentic sambhar and Coconut Chutney and relish a proper South-Indian meal.

6. Chef Ranveer Brar

Idli is a very simple recipe but often gets tricky when they are not soft and fluffy. Learn the recipe for making delicious soft Idlis at home from Ranveer Brar.

7. Kabita’s Kitchen

Kabita shares the very basic and simple recipe of soft Idlis at home.

8. Hebbars Kitchen

Hebbars Kitchen has shared one more recipe for making spongy and soft Rice Idlis at home.

9. Masala Kitchen

Masala Kitchen shows the process of making the yummiest spongy, soft, and white Idlis at home.

10. Cook With Parul

Parul shares the recipe for making Hotel-like SouthIndian soft Idlis at home.

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