This Street Stall In Bangalore Offers The Softest Idlis You’ll Ever Try!

by Shreya Ghosh
This Street Stall In Bangalore Offers The Softest Idlis You’ll Ever Try!

A great morning starts with enjoying a delicious breakfast. Many of us love to have dishes from South Indian cuisine such as idli, dosa, and appam in the morning or in fact, at any time of the day. It is true that these preparations take a lot of hard work while making in the home. Well, if you are in Bangalore, you do not have to put up with all the efforts in the kitchen as a street stall here serves the most delicious and softest idlis. Say hello to ‘Tiffin Cart’ opposite ICICI in HRC Layout, Sector 7.

Enjoy The Softest Idlis Here

This street stall in Bangalore is quite famous for serving hot, fluffy, and the softest idlis. The man running this place serves a plate of idli with various kinds of chutneys and they smell incredibly delicious. For the touch of South Indian traditions, he even serves the foods on a banana leaf. It is a beautiful way of eating and if you haven’t tried eating on a banana leaf, then you should try it too.

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Softest Idlis

The place attracts a good amount of customers every day but you do not have to worry about waiting in line for a long time. The man who cooks the softest idlis and other foods has a great speed and you will get your orders within no time. He serves everything fresh and serves on the plate right after cooking it. Everything tastes heavenly and is served hot.

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Other Foods Of This Street Stall

Apart from the softest idlis, this food stall serves home-style cooked ‘dosas’ with various chutneys and ‘rice bath and vade’. The menu is small and all the dishes have the perfect taste. If you are eating alone and will not be able to finish a  full plate, you can even ask for a half plate.