7 Pink Cafes In The UAE To Get Barbie Vibes With Your Girl Squad

by Deeplata Garde
7 Pink Cafes In The UAE To Get Barbie Vibes With Your Girl Squad

The UAE has become a hub for captivating cafes that transport you to a pink-tinted wonderland. And the release of the Barbie movie has raised the fever in the Emirates. Now, Barbie’s dreams are no longer confined to childhood fantasies. Get ready to relieve them by visiting these pink cafes in UAE.

Here Are 7 Pink Cafes In UAE That Will Teleport You To Barbie-land

1. EL&N


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EL&N, the renowned London-based cafe blends opulence and alluring pink aesthetics. The cafe’s extravagant and glamorous theme is sure to make you feel like a celebrity. While there, don’t miss the chance to indulge in their signature delights such as the delightful Matcha Rose Iced Latte, the delectable French Toast, or the enchanting Unicorn Cake.

Where: Yas Island

2. Love Vibe


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Vibe has a beautiful pink decor that is perfect for taking photos and having fun. The cafe has a floral wall, a neon sign, a swing, and a pink bicycle that add to the charm and vibe of the place. The cafe also hosts events such as ladies’ night, happy hour, and brunch. Some of the specialities of Vibe are Pink Sliders, Pink Pizza & Pink Ice Cream.

Where: Khalifa City

3. Palm’s Cafe


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The café’s ambience is a soothing blend of hues with a dusty-pink colour scheme. This haven boasts a delectable array of offerings that span from rich and aromatic coffees to beloved breakfast classics, mouthwatering sandwiches, and refreshing salads. One of the cafe’s unique highlights is its vibrant pink pasta, a whimsical touch that adds a playful twist to lunch or dinner.

Where: Al Ma’aridCapital

4. Secret Garden By Leto


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Elegance takes on a pink hue as the cafe’s colour scheme, thoughtfully chosen, envelops you in its warm embrace. The surroundings are adorned with an array of flowers, branches, and lush greens, each element harmoniously contributing to the creation of a truly mesmerizing and soothing atmosphere. Savour the divine indulgence of the Napoleon cake, or embark on a journey of flavours with the pistachio milk cake. For those seeking a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy, the strawberry pistachio cheesecake beckons.

Where: Downtown Dubai

5. Saya Brasserie

Saya Brasserie is a popular cafe and roastery in Dubai, known for its beautiful and instagrammable design and desserts. It is a place where you can enjoy a tasty meal, a refreshing drink, and a lovely atmosphere.  From furnishings to plates, every element here has pink colour speaking volumes.

Where: Multiple locations in Dubai

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6. Flamingo Room

Flamingo Room by tashas isn’t just a destination for delectable cuisine; it’s a haven of Instagram-worthy moments. The culinary offerings at Flamingo Room by tashas tantalize both the taste buds and the visual senses. For those eager to embrace the pink palette, an array of delightful options await. Try out their Pink Risotto, Pasta, Smoothie bowl and Salad.

Where: Jumeirah Al Naseem

7. The Echo Cafe


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Nestled within Khalifa Park, Echo Cafe exudes a playful charm right from its eye-catching bubblegum-pink entrance. As you step inside, the enchantment continues with a pink-themed interior. Delicate pink accents adorn the walls and furniture, enveloping you in an atmosphere that’s both inviting and whimsical. Echo Cafe’s menu is a testament to its pink-inspired aesthetic. The cafe menu suggests they have it has a pink velvet cake, pink latte & pink lemonade that is available at the cafe.

Where: Khalifa Park

We hope you get to capture a lot of insta-worthy moments against the pink background to fulfil your Barbie fever in UAE.

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/ Saya Brasserie