7 Sex-Themed Museums In The World That’ll Surely Pique Your Interest

by Sanmita A
7 Sex-Themed Museums In The World That’ll Surely Pique Your Interest

Sex and eroticism have long been hush-hush in our society. It has been observed over time that erotic artists haven’t had it easy. They have been either criticised or faced harsh consequences for creating sexual art. Although erotic art does not hold as much place on social media, there are sex-themed museums worldwide that can take this art a long way. At least, these museums will surely get the conversations going, as CNN Travel quotes in a report.

7 Sex-Themed Museums In The World

1. Harry Mahoney’s Erotic Heritage Museum In Las Vegas

This Sex museum is located in Las Vegas. This erotic museum had closed down but opened once again recently. It is also known for its collection in a 24,000 sq foot area. This museum’s collection includes strange sexual objects, the long history of sexology and things about sexual hypocrisy. This erotic heritage museum will be very interesting and homes to a lot of information regarding sex and erotic art.

More about the museum here.

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2. Red Light Secrets Museum In Amsterdam

Located in Amsterdam, Europe had to have sex museums as prostitution is legalised in this part of the world. This museum is the world’s first and only museum on prostitution. Well, this place is basically a window to the lives of sex workers and their stories. And it is also one of the must-see attractions when you’re visiting the place.

Know more about this sex museum here.

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3. Venustempel In Amsterdam

This sex museum will be nothing less than a visual delight for people interested in erotic rt. Starting from paintings, images to even materials, the Venus temple of Amsterdam houses it all. Reviews tell that is certainly going to be something that is going to have your attention & leave you stunned.

Know more about this place here.

4. Secret Cabinet, National Archeological Museum In Italy

This place, as the name very well suggests, houses erotic and sexual art from various cultures and over different periods of time. As per the National Archaeological Museum, certain objects were also censored. The museum is a window to the sexual world from ancient times.

Learn more about ancient times here.

5. Sex Machines Museum In Prague

This museum opened its doors to the public in the year 2001 & till today, exhibits sex machines. It is located in Prague and these art objects are placed in a three-storey, 17th-century building. Well, as we mentioned, you will be awed of what you see in these places. From a theatre to a collection of old erotic objects, this museum is one of a kind.

Here’s a look into this place.

6. Tochka G In Moscow

This form of art has always provoked certain societies, but some fought through it and stood their ground. This place in Moscow has a sex shop, which is also the largest in Russia. And some of the pieces of work are images that you shouldn’t miss out.

You can check out the place & buy tickets to the museum here.

7. World Erotic Art Museum In Miami

This art museum holds the world’s best erotica. Located in Miami, the world erotic art museum is another place that you cannot miss out on. This is the place if you are a curious art curator who loves to witness art. The museum focuses more on erotica than pornography.

Next time you are in these cities, ensure you take a look at these spots!

Cover Image Courtesy: Official Instagram/Museo Archeologico di Napoli/Erotic Heritage Museum