7 Spiced Rums To Add To Your Bar Cabinet For The Much-Needed Winter Warmth

One way to enhance the cosiness of the season is by embracing the rich and inviting world of spiced rums.

by Tejashee Kashyap
7 Spiced Rums To Add To Your Bar Cabinet For The Much-Needed Winter Warmth

As the crisp winter winds settle in and the days grow shorter, there’s a natural inclination to seek comfort and warmth. One way to enhance the cosiness of the season is by embracing the rich and inviting world of spiced rums. These delectable spirits not only provide a delightful escape from the winter chill but also add a touch of spice and complexity.

Spiced Rums To Stock For Winters

Spiced rum is a variation of the classic spirit that undergoes a unique infusion process. There are various spices and botanicals added to the blend. This infusion imparts a distinct flavour profile, setting spiced rum apart from its traditional counterpart. Here are some must-have spiced rums for your winter delight:

1. SĪTÄRĀ Botanical Spiced Rum

Coming from the house of Spaceman Spirits Lab Private Limited (SSLPL), maker of premium Indian craft gin Samsāra, there’s a new craft rum in the market, SĪTÄRĀ. Their newest release, Botanical Spiced Rum is a combination of column and pot distilled Indian rums. This variation, on the other hand, is matured for a somewhat longer period of time before being infused with seven chosen botanicals to create a spiced rum with a distinct Indian flavour. Cinnamon, Ginger, Orange, Hibiscus, Vanilla, Coffee, and Cacao Beans are among the botanicals used. However, it’s only available in Goa for now.

Cost: ₹ 1350 (750 ml) in Goa

2. Kraken Black Spiced Rum

With a name inspired by the mythical sea creature, the Kraken Black Spiced Rum is as mysterious as it is delicious. This dark and complex rum features a medley of spices, including ginger, cinnamon, and clove. Perfect for sipping neat by the fireplace or as a key ingredient in hot toddies and mulled rum drinks.

Cost: ₹5,999 (700 ml) in Mumbai

3. Rock Paper Rum Indian Spiced


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Rock Paper Rum is a triple-distilled rum infused with native aromas. This rum is prepared in small amounts from locally grown sugarcane and beautifully mixed with uncommon botanicals. It’s sporty and bold, playful and energetic, with a luxury yet affordable feel. The Indian Spiced Rum is a unique blend of beautifully spiced subtleties that goes down smooth on the rocks or in dark liquor cocktails.

Cost: ₹1500 (750 ml) in Mumbai

4. Earth Rustic Spiced Rum

This sustainably distilled rum prioritises low-waste logistics during production and distribution. From the house of Surbhi Wines, Earth Rustic Spiced Rum is bottled in Goa and comes in biodegradable packaging that is both ageless and enchanting. It is a medium-bodied spiced spirit with cinnamon, star anise, and clove notes, finishing with peppery, chocolaty undertones and a trace of vanilla.

Cost: ₹1350 (750 ml) in Goa

5. Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum

A classic in the world of spiced rums, Captain Morgan’s Original offers a well-balanced blend of vanilla, caramel, and a touch of citrus. This versatile rum is a staple for winter gatherings, easily complementing both traditional eggnogs and innovative spiced rum cocktails.

Cost: ₹1790 (700 ml) in Delhi

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6. Ashanti Ginger Spiced Rum


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Ashanti Spiced Rum pays homage to the West African Ashanti clan, where the hibiscus flower (also known as the Jamaica flower) thrives. This spicy concoction finds its inspiration in Guatemalan rum. Moreover, it features ginger as well as hibiscus flowers, which both add to the great colour and flavour character. Moreover, it is a rich, flavourful rum with vanilla and toasted honey. The karkadé imparts the product’s copper hue, citrus aromas, and menthol undertones.

Cost: ₹3290 (700 ml) in Delhi

7. Pitbull Rum


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This Caribbean-inspired Indian rum is fruity, spicy, and oaky. This rum, made in the heart of Aurangabad using molasses and barrel-aged spirits, has fruity aromas of banana, fig, and candied orange, as well as a gentle sweetness without any added sugar. The smokey finish is a pleasant surprise, with notes of anise and cinnamon. The American terrier serves as the mascot on the distinctive packaging.

Cost: ₹800 (750 ml) in Mumbai

Whether sipped neat, mixed into classic cocktails, or incorporated into innovative winter concoctions, these spirits have the power to elevate your seasonal experience. So, cheers to embracing the chill with a glass of spiced warmth of rum in hand!

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