71% Of Millennials Ready To Travel Within India In Next 6 Months Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 398

Despite the pandemic still upon us, 71% millennials are willing to travel within the country in the next six months according to a new survey. The survey reveals that the millennials will likely become the critical driver for the revival of the tourism industry. 71% millennials responded that they are willing to explore ‘Incredible India’ in the next six months. The online survey conducted over three weeks had over 6,000 millennials participants. 

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42% Millennials Feel There Is Lack Of Information On COVID Travel

Contrary to perception, millennials are now much more interested in exploring ‘Incredible India’ reveals the study. The millennials are willing to travel given hassle-free seamless travel experiences. About 42% millennials said they find a lack of information on the travel restrictions a significant challenge while planning a holiday within India. About 38% felt there is not enough credible travel information on unique destinations in India. Historic Forts & Palaces In Gujarat To Be Converted Into Heritage Hotels & Museums To Attract International & Domestic Tourists.

Millennials Ready To Spend Money On Domestic Travel

The fact that 71% of millennials are keen on exploring India is an extremely positive sign for the growth of domestic tourism. The survey also revealed that about 21% of millennials said their decision on choosing a holiday destination would be based on tourism campaigns of respective states and union territories. About 41% of the respondents said they would spend somewhere between 1 to 2 lakh on their holidays, followed by 30% of them who have a budget of 50,000 to  1 lakh, and 17% are ready to spend more than 2 lakh on vacations. Millennials also have a wide range of destinations where they would want to holiday. 

22% Millennials Love Beach Destinations

Around 22% of millennials surveyed said they would like to go to beach destinations, while 21% of them said they would prefer wildlife parks and sanctuaries. Another 20% said they would like to go to plush hotels and resorts, hills or adventure destinations. Only 10% respondents said they would like to visit historical destinations and 7% would opt for religious places, the survey said. Here are 5 Holiday Destinations For Indians Where You Won’t Have To Quarantine.

However, to push domestic tourism, the government has to go beyond the ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ campaign. A uniform policy across all states with regards to COVID-19 guidelines, and no quarantine restrictions need to be implemented.

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