Indians Prefer Homestays Over Hotels As Safer Option Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 1546

The pandemic has hit the travel and tourism industry so severely that it could take years for the industry to revive. COVID-19 has brought travel to a near-standstill. And while no one is sure when will domestic travel restart, it is undoubtedly paving the way for a new adaption. What’s evident in the industry right now is that there will be a lot more demand for domestic travel. And why not? We are not particular about flight travel, but we can always get in the car, drive a few hours for that weekend getaway. People are also likely to opt for vacation rentals, and homestays over hotels and here’s why:

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Credits: Miss Jenny’s Homestay

1. Homestays Are Perceived As Contactless And More Isolated

Homestays are perceived as contactless, cleaner and more isolated, which finds great favour among visitors. With the pandemic, the obvious question on every traveller’s mind would be – ‘What steps are accommodations taking to make us feel safe?’, ‘Is that hotel bedspread clean?’, ‘Is everything properly sanitised?’ Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before You Check Into A Hotel Or Homestay In Maharashtra.

Birdsong Homestay

Photo: Birdsong Homestay

2. Hotels Are Usually Crowded

Hotels have a huge turnover of guests. A lot of customers at check-in and check-out in the reception, and hence, people would feel much more safe and comfortable staying at short-term rentals like vacation homes. Homestays are going to be a new normal in the coming times. Apart from the crowd, the location of the property also matters to the guests.  Here are 10 Rules For A Safe Hotel Stay During COVID-19 Pandemic.

3. Homestay Hosts Are Marketing Themselves As COVID-Friendly

The hosts are marketing their rental units by labelling themselves ‘sanitised, highly clean, and Covid friendly’. Sanitisation is a huge thing right now, and hosts are making it a top priority too for the vacation homes. Disinfected home space with a thorough cleaning of high-contact surfaces, use of mask and gloves by the staff and providing disposable gloves and N95 masks to guests upon is how the hosts are operating their vacation rental.


Indians Prefer Homestays Over Hotels During The Pandemic

Right now, it is difficult to say when will travel resume gain in full mojo, but homestays and private accommodations will have a preference among most Indians. The homestays in India are continually adapting to ensure they stay at par with the public health guidelines by the Health Ministry of the Government of India, as well as provide exceptional experiences to my guests seeking their homestay. Here are 5 Gorgeous Homestays Near Gurgaon Perfect For A Weekend Getaway.

Homestays now are serving guests with not only a place to stay but an experience to remember.

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