Around 50% Indian Travellers Are Opting For Homestay, Not Hotels! Here’s Why!

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 702

Are you planning your next trip at offbeat homestays or villas? Congratulations, you’re a trend follower. In a recent survey done by the travel booking portal, Make My Trip, it was revealed that millennials are opting out of five-star properties for leisure vacations and choosing removed isolation. Who wants to be part of society on vacation, right? The whole point is to get away from social constructs and pretend as if you’re untamable, jungli billi, outlaw, underdog. You’re not alone. People who leave their city jobs and move to the hills for a life of green trees and simple food are not choosing solitude. They’re just choosing a different kind of society. A society where people wear rags, don’t have to shower regularly, eat lots of hummus and jam with strangers every night. It’s still a society.

How do we know

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A survey says that over 50% of Indian travellers prefer homestays and villas over the hotel industry. No butlers, no service, no disturbance, just you and the simple life, like olden times in a manmade green patch with nothing but modern holiday attractions around. Millennials have found a way to experience top notch accommodation without the whole in their pockets and guess what? We’re millennials too.

Make My Trip conducted a September-October survey of 3,000 Indian travellers between the age groups 18-55. Travellers in love with all the new options on the market made up to 48%. Meanwhile, 55% have already made the switch. Hostels, villas, homestays etcetera are gaining social acceptance with companies like Oyo and Airbnb transforming the holiday scene. The hospitality industry is set to take a huge blow as millennial confidence over these alternatives only strengthens.

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What’s more


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Out of all the people who have betrayed the likes of Taj and Jab We Met’s ‘Hotel Decent’, 46% were staycation virgins. People have become much more comfortable with taking a risk and trying out what all these influenzas are raving about. Instagram is covered with beautiful villas and interesting accommodations in the most remote locations possible. Big-timers need space and infra while smaller alternatives like homestays swoop in and capture spots with lesser amenities. In turn they provide trending interiors that transport you to insta-worthy gradients. Respite from the typical décor of leisure hotels where all the rooms look the same and the people are the same, goes a long way with the travellers of a new decade looking for a change in scape.

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We’re prepared for a huge surge in homestays and if you’re not, don’t worry, we got you. Follow us for the best holiday plans and vacation ideas that will remove you from society. A wise person once said, gender is a social construct, society is a social contrast, money is a social construct but, bedtime is real. Sleeping in is not as easy as it used to be. You need glass facades, the view of mountains and uninterrupted solo time to achieve peace. We get it, we got you!

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