8 Dishes Served In Delhi That Rest Of India Cannot Match

by Angel Srivastava
8 Dishes Served In Delhi That Rest Of India Cannot Match

Delhi, the national capital of India is also known as the ‘food capital’ of India. The city has a vast culinary landscape to offer to all it’s visitors. People from all across the globe visit the city to indulge in the food’s variety and rich flavours.

While the city offers various cuisines from all Indian states as well as different countries. But there remain certain dishes that Delhiites can rightfully claim as their own, and it would be no lie to say that the rest of India cannot match their taste.

Although there is a whole lot of names that we can list down, here are a 8 dishes that are an absolute must-try.

1. Butter Chicken

Image Credits: Moti Mahal

Delhi is known to be the place that gave birth to this heavenly dish. You cannot be truly dil se dilli if you haven’t gobbled down a hot steaming plate of butter chicken with a stack of buttery naans. The life of every Punjabi wedding, and the answer to all those ‘what to have for dinner’ dilemmas, no one does butter chicken like Dilliwalas. Some of the restaurants that have been serving the best butter chicken in the city include, Yum Yum Dilli, Moti Mahal, Gulatis, and Kakke Da Dhaba.

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2. Chole Bhature

Image Credits: Talking Street

Chole Bhature is every Delhiites go-to meal. It’s filling, easily available, and pocket friendly. If you are someone who prefers quality over ambiance, then you are lucky because you can easily find vendors selling chola bhaturas in every knick and corner of the city. The cholas are all spicey and well cooked, and taste even better with the fluffy bhaturas. It would be a sin to skip on a plate of chola bhaturas on your next Delhi visit. Now you may think that the rest of India also serves cholw bhature, but are they as good as the ones you get in Delhi? We think not!

3. Matra Kulcha

Image Credits: NDTV Food

Another street favourite in Delhi is the Matra Kulcha. Fluffy kulchas served with spicy white matar mixed with ginger, onion and other spices is a combination that no one can resist. Available for Rs 89 per plate, one plate of Matra Kulcha is filling and easy on the pockets. If you do not want to indulge in any roadside snacks, then you can head over to Nukkadwala Outlets for the same street taste with promised hygiene.

4. Nihari

Image Credits: Hungry Forever

This Mughali delicacy is an Old Delhi favourite. The area near Jama Masjid is lined with restaurants and eateries serving amazing Nihari, prepared in the traditional way. The Nihari served at all the outlets have a distinct taste that will leave your tastebuds tingling.

5. Parathas

Another dish that defines Delhi are hot, steaming, buttery, stuffed parathas. From vegetarian aloo paratha, aloo pyaaz paratha, paneer paratha, and gobhi paratha to their non-vegetarian variations of egg paratha, keema paratha, chicken paratha and more, the options available will surely leave you spoilt for choice. In fact there are certain vendors that continue to serve parathas till around 4 am to satisfy your insatiable hunger. The best parathas in Delhi can be had at Murthal, Moolchnd, and near A.I.I.M.S.

6. Chicken Changezi

Another Old Delhi classic Chicken Changezi is a dish that you’ll want to keep on eating even when you are full. It is a masterful combination of spices and a perfect dish for all dinner dates and family dinners. Known after the dish they are best known for Changezi Chicken in Old Delhi is known all across Delhi NCR.

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7. Laphing

Image Credits: Picbear

Not a dish original to Delhi, Laphing is an authentic Tibetan delicacy, that can only be had in Delhi, in India. Head over to Majnu ka Tila to get your hands on this unique cold pasta dish, served with cold soup. This also happens to be the perfect dish to keep yourself cool during the scorching summer heat. Even in Delhi the only place where you can have Laphing is Majnu ka Tila. While scaling the place you can easily come across aunts sitting in nooks and corners selling the cool dish.

8. Kadha Prasad

Image Credits: Recipes of India

If you are looking for the perfect Delhi desert then head over to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in Connaught Place to get your hands on some Karha Prasad. The perfect place if you are looking for some peace and serenity head over to Bangla Sahib during early morning to avoid the burning heat. Enjoy the tranquility of the place while having some karha prasad, loaded with desi ghee. It’s a taste you won’t find anywhere else

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