9 Hacks Every Solo Traveller Wish They Knew

by Sneha Pai
9 Hacks Every Solo Traveller Wish They Knew

You have finally found that perfect destination for your solo travel and can’t wait for your journey to begin. Now read these 9 hacks every traveller wish they knew before embarking on their journey to ensure your trip is comfortable and pleasant! (In case you haven’t, check at the end of this article for some ideas.)

1. Make Your Luggage Theft-Proof

Consider a slash-proof bag.

2. Store Important Documents on Cloud

Use your phone camera to make soft copies of your important document and store it online. Cloud service providers such as DropBox give you security as well as flexible access.

3. Be Extra Vigilant with Your Money & Passport

Store your money at the bottom of the packet. It is the safest bet. Keep your passport on your body at all times.

4. Withdraw Wisely

Stolen money cannot be replaced; however, cards can be. Additionally, you are also avoiding ancillary unforeseen expenses such as withdrawal fee, exchange fee etc.

5. Avoid Airport Rates of Exchange

They are twice the rate and eat up a heavy chunk of your budget.

6. Handwritten Addresses in Local Language

This is for those visiting abroad and who can’t speak the local language.

7. Keep a Financial Cushion

In a case of emergency or safety issues, you will always need an option of cabbing it up or anything else that would otherwise seem like a luxury expense.

8. Keep One Ear Un-plugged While Listening to Music

It will help you stay alert. Alternatively, plug both headphones with no music to avoid conversations and eavesdrop for any shady situation.

9. Don’t Sleep En-route

It is very unsafe if you are traveling solo. Also, avoid night trains as far as possible.


Did I miss a useful tip? Help solo travel become a delightful activity by posting in comments.

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