9 States, 9 Different Types Of Navratri Celebrations! Here’s How The Festival Is Celebrated

by Mallika Khurana
9 States, 9 Different Types Of Navratri Celebrations! Here’s How The Festival Is Celebrated

India celebrates Navratri, the festival of nine nights, with a kaleidoscope of colourful celebrations. As every state contributes its distinct cultural elements to this auspicious occasion, the nation comes to life with art, music, dance, and reverence. As the festive season knocks at our doors, prepare yourself for an enthralling trip across the many Indian states, where the festival of Navratri is celebrated with captivating traditions that invite you to experience the beauty of rhythmic diversity.

Navratri In Different Indian States

1. In West Bengal, Pandal Hopping Offers Unparalleled Artistic Expression

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In West Bengal, Navratri is synonymous with Durga Puja. During the festival, the city is decorated with eye-catching pandals, with each one more creative than the last. Pandal hopping is a popular activity among the locals, where you can discover elaborate sculptures of Goddess Durga, captivating installations, and eye-catching lighting that tell the tale of the goddess’ victory.

2. The Joyful Dance Of Garba Nights In Gujarat

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Gujarat celebrates Navratri by performing the world-famous Garba dance. People dress traditionally and assemble to dance to the upbeat beats of Garba and Dandiya as the sun sets. It is a must-attend celebration during Navratri because of the electrifying atmosphere and infectious energy.

3. Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu Dussehra Is A Divine Extravaganza

Kullu Dussehra
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In Himachal Pradesh, Kullu Dussehra is celebrated with great enthusiasm and is a breathtaking sight. Over the course of seven days, the beautiful valley becomes a thriving centre for both spirituality and culture. Everyone there can take in the magnificent parade that features the idol of Lord Raghunath being driven by a magnificent chariot. They can also enjoy the colourful displays and cultural performances put on by the locals.

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4. Seeking Wisdom At Kerala’s Saraswati Puja

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The goddess of wisdom, Saraswati, is celebrated during Navratri in Kerala. To obtain Saraswati’s blessings, children start their schooling on Vijayadashami. The ceremony entails presenting books and other objects to the goddess, and it is followed by cultural events that emphasise the value of knowledge. What a unique and brilliant celebration!

5. Fun-filled Festivities During Rajasthan’s Mela Magic

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Colour and energy are abundant during Rajasthan’s vibrant Navratri celebration. Throughout the state, people in traditional clothing take centre stage during folk dances like Kalbeliya and Ghoomar. This festival is the time to savour the excitement of bustling melas that offer exhilarating rides, authentic cuisine, and colourful handicrafts. The air is filled with music and laughter!

6. Bathukamma – Floral Fiesta In Andhra Pradesh

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The Bathukamma festival is a unique way for Andhra Pradesh to celebrate Navratri. Beautiful arrangements of colourful flowers are made by women and submerged in bodies of water. With sweet songs and fragrant blooms filling the air, it also celebrates women’s artistic ability and the beauty of nature.

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7. Artistic Elegance In Tamil Nadu’s Kolu

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Navratri is observed in Tamil Nadu according to the Kolu tradition. Step-like displays showcasing deftly placed dolls and figurines portraying mythological tales bring homes to life. Encouraging a sense of community and artistic expression, families and friends also gather at each other’s homes to view these creative arrangements.

8. A Dramatic Tale Of Ramleela Revelry In Uttar Pradesh And Bihar

Ram Leela
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The grand Ramleela performances are a vital part of the Navratri celebration in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Lord Rama’s epic stories and adventures are told in these magnificent outdoor dramas. Watching these dramatic sagas together, locals and tourists alike are treated to a captivating procession of devotion and theatrical brilliance.

9. Royal Grandeur At Mysore Dasara, Karnataka

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Ten days of royalty and revelry mark the Mysore Dasara celebration in Karnataka. More than 100,000 sparkling lights adorn the magnificent Mysore Palace. Elephants decked out in elaborate decorations, folk dancers, and a grand display of culture and tradition all come together to showcase Karnataka’s rich heritage in this grand procession.

The distinctive Navratri celebrations in each state invite you to fully immerse yourself in the customs and delicacies of this festival.

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