97 Wildfires, 34 Deaths & 1,500 Evacuated; Algeria Is Experiencing Its Worst Wildfires

by Shreya Shriyan
97 Wildfires, 34 Deaths & 1,500 Evacuated; Algeria Is Experiencing Its Worst Wildfires

Another day, another part of the world is suffering due to wildfires. This year, several parts of the world have experienced major wildfires. Europe is the latest. But now, the rage of the wildfires has gripped the country of Algeria, North Africa. It has claimed over a dozen lives so far and caused irreparable damage. Here’s what we know so far.

Algeria Experiences Its Worst Wildfires Yet

Raging wildfires in Algeria have claimed the lives of over 30 people, including 10 soldiers who were fighting the flames. Hundreds of residents along the country’s Mediterranean coastal region have been forced to evacuate from their homes, reported Al Jazeera.

On July 24, reports of the deaths emerged as temperatures soared to 48 degrees Celsius (118 Fahrenheit) in certain areas of the North African country, said the reports. The Algerian interior ministry reported 97 blazes in 16 provinces, driven by strong winds and extreme heat.

The fires caused the deaths of at least 34 people, including 10 soldiers, in residential areas. The ministry revised an earlier death toll of 15. Additionally, around 26 people were injured as per the initial count, stated the Al Jazeera reports. 

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The reports also said that the fires compelled the evacuation of approximately 1,500 individuals from the provinces of Bejaia, Bouira, and Jijel. The coastal region of Algeria’s Mediterranean has been severely affected by these wildfires.

The authorities, as reported by the BBC, have launched a judicial investigation into the causes of the fires. Northern Algeria is experiencing an unprecedented heatwave, with temperatures reaching 48°C.

Climate Change Is In Full Effect Around The World

 In various regions of North Africa, temperatures are up to 7°C higher than normal for this time of year. The Meteorological Office of Algeria has warned that temperatures exceeding 48°C will continue until the end of the month in the northern region, stated the report. 

 As per the reports, on July 24, the national electricity and gas company, Sonelgaz, reported a “historic peak” in electricity consumption. The reports also stated that The World Meteorological Organization has issued a warning that the heatwave in Europe might continue into August. 

They also stated that the extreme temperatures sweeping the world are becoming the new normal due to climate change. According to the EU climate and weather service, Copernicus, the three hottest days ever recorded occurred in July.

Climate change is a serious problem that needs action now. We must all work together to reduce pollution, use sustainable methods, and protect nature. By using clean energy, saving resources, and making eco-friendly choices, we can help stop climate change.

If we don’t take climate change seriously, more such wildfires and other natural calamities await our future. What are you doing in an effort to help save Mother Nature? 

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