A Delhi Cafe Is Selling Beer Maggi & We Are Freaked Out By The Idea

by Tania Tarafdar
A Delhi Cafe Is Selling Beer Maggi & We Are Freaked Out By The Idea

When it comes to experimenting with food combinations, people leave no stone unturned. Recently, the Kaju Katli Chicken Soup irked netizens on social media and the chilli jalebis dunked in soya sauce is one food trend no one asked for. If you’re already irked by these eerie food combinations, here’s another weird dish that can add fuel to the fire. It’s beer Maggi, guys! Yes, a Delhi cafe is serving beer Maggi and making us scream and say ‘no please’.

Maggi Served In A Pitcher

Maggi is everyone’s favourite food, but that doesn’t mean that we can dip it in anything we want to. Maggi dipped in cheese is sometimes too over the top. Now think how Maggi dipped in beer will taste? Yes, Cafe Housefull in Delhi’s Hudson Lane is serving this weird dish. Head To These 11 Popular Maggi Spots In Delhi To Have Our Favourite Winter Snack!


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Social Media Does Not Approve Of This Dish

However, as it turns out, there is no beer in this Maggi. It is just masala, and Maggi broth served in a pitcher. Now that comes as a revelation and is something we do not mind. But social media does not approve of it. Many have tweeted saying that they have ruined beet and Maggi forever. Some also found it too gross to digest.

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