Kaju Katli Chicken Soup Is The Weirdest Food Trend That’s Irking Netizens

by Sanjana Shenoy
Kaju Katli Chicken Soup Is The Weirdest Food Trend That’s Irking Netizens

The year 2020 has been unbelievable in every sense. We’ve been stuck in our houses for months together, working from home, experimenting restaurant-style food at home, while the roads remain empty and our mobile screens are full of chatter and glee. And this unbelievable year has given rise to unbelievable food trends. A Gujarat vendor invented Ice Cream Vada Pav. And Chocolate Samosa Pav is another trend catching up in Mumbai. Just when you thought it’s over, Kaju Katli Chicken Soup has taken over the internet. This is one Diwali dish we weren’t waiting for. Read on to know more.

Kaju Katli Chicken Soup Has Taken Over The Internet

Food combinations are always welcome. Infact t’s great to be experimental with food. From Pav Bhaji Fondue, Chocolate Khakhras, Schezwan Dosa to Vodka Pani Puri we’ve seen and enjoyed many innovative food combinations. The mixing of sweet and savoury, merging of Indian and Western flavours has won the hearts of foodies. Yet when it comes to experiments some succeed and some remain doubtful. And the internet remains quite perplexed about the latest food fad of Kaju Katli Chicken Soup.

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Yes, it’s actually a gorgeous kaju katli dunked in chicken soup. And this food fad is going viral for all the wrong reasons. It’s started feverish debates on social media, where people are wondering how can someone bring such two distinct words together. While some netizens find this utterly funny, others see it as an insult to the good ol’ kaju katli. But the Kaju Katli Chicken Soup Memes are definitely leaving everyone in splits.

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Well, this pandemic might have blessed us with utterly unthinkable food combinations. Infact we’d even go ahead and say that Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum might also have a special place for some of these bizarre foods. Meanwhile, we also joined the bandwagon of trying out weird food combinations earlier. Check out our food experiment in this video below.