Abu Dhabi Announces New Speed Guidelines And Here’s Everything To Know

by Deeplata Garde
Abu Dhabi Announces New Speed Guidelines And Here’s Everything To Know

The increasing rate of accidents is directly proportional to the residents not abiding by the speed control regulations in any country. Abu Dhabi has recently introduced several changes in the speed guidelines based on several factors. According to drivers, there have likely been a few modifications on Abu Dhabi’s roadways in previous weeks. Police and transportation authorities in the emirate have increased working to create driving safer.

 Speed Guidelines Of Abu Dhabi

The steps include the installation of tailgating cameras and toll gates to the expanding use of speed control restrictions during periods of inclement weather. What does a sign indicate “left lane for overtaking” to drivers? How can we determine whether the posted speed lowered during inclement weather? Let’s go over the modifications to the city’s traffic laws.


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Abu Dhabi Police has been making it a point to update their social media with information like emergency alert warnings, the speed guidelines showing limits on variable speed signs at the side of motorways, and displaying the new speed on digital road signs on smart gates. Additionally, The department may deliver text messages to drivers in a specific location.

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Abu Dhabi Police Use Tailgating Camera To Fine People Committing Crime

People guilty of tailgating will receive a warning through SMS for the first time. If the crime gets continues, then they are punished for each subsequent offence. Additionally, the punishment goes beyond a simple monetary fee. The drivers who break the law will receive four black points in addition to a Dh400 fine. If a driver purposely blocks the way for the passing cars, they would also face a fine of Dh400.

Al Maqta, Mussaffah, Sheikh Zayed, and Sheikh Khalifa bridges connect the mainland to the island. Abu Dhabi stated that the city might enact a road toll system this summer. It will have gates at each of the four bridges.

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