Abu Dhabi Is Now Home To A Brand New 3D Mystery Museum

by Angel Merchant
by Angel Merchant 857

Nation Towers Mall in Abu Dhabi has recently welcomed up a new 3D Museum of Natural Mystery. Families can now spend a nice time out, and watch everything surrounding them come to life as they scan through the different exhibits. The museum of natural mystery features an interesting interactive gallery.

What’s It?

The museum is open every day between 4 PM and 10 PM. Through the use of interactive technology, the paintings around the galleries come to life, and move around the room independently! Kids have a ball of a time, and the whole experience is very similar to the popular family movie, Night of the Museum. The tour guide is a cheeky little mouse, who shows you around the different exhibits, waking up a lot of animals, genies, and dinosaurs along the way. The mouse interacts with the plethora of paintings hung up on the wall, and give everyone around a good laugh.

The virtual show lasts for a total of 3 minutes, and leaves both children and adults amazed at the realness of the whole experience.

3D Mystery Museum now open in Abu Dhabi

Once the virtual mouse wakes up the genie, he takes it from there and interacts with all the displays in the gallery. Classic European paintings become personified and have conversations with the genie. While the 3 minute experience is entertaining and exciting, it is also quite knowledgeable. It takes children through different art forms, some history, and traditions. Open every day and absolutely free of cost, this swashbuckling experience is not to be missed.

What Else?

The mall also boasts another interesting experience for children. Kids can now travel back in time, or travel into the future inside a time machine. They can watch dinosaurs come to life, and see robots taking over the world! Two people can fit inside the time machine at once, so if the Jurassic period gets too scary, you’ll have a hand to hold. This temporary attraction is open every day from 4 PM to 10 PM, but will only last until march 14th. And once again, the experience is absolutely free! You can also choose to purchase a video of your experience and keep it as a memento of your fun day out.

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Can you imagine what travelling in time looks like? Visit our Time Machine, a unique 3D projection that takes visitors on an exciting journey back to the Jurassic Period. Available complimentary on Level 1 daily from 4pm to 10pm until 14th March. Take part in our Shop and Win campaign from 15th November to 15th January. Spend a minimum of AED 100 in the mall and get a chance to win a Nissan Patrol Car every month. #NationTowers #VisitAbuDhabi #InAbuDhabi #Shopandwin هل تحلمون بالسفر عبر الزمن؟ تفضلوا بزيارة آلة السفر عبر الزمن لدينا ، وهو عرض ثلاثي الأبعاد فريد من نوعه يأخذ الزائرين في رحلة مثيرة للعودة إلى العصر الجوراسي. متوفر مجانًا في الطابق الأول يوميًا من 4 مساءً إلى 10 مساءً حتى 14 مارس. شارك في حملة Shop and Win من 15 نوفمبر إلى 15 يناير. أنفق ما لا يقل عن 100 درهم في المركز التجاري واحصل على فرصة للفوز بسيارة نيسان باترول كل شهر. #أبراجالنيشنتاورز #فيأبوظبي #زورونا #تسوقو_إربح

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Location: Nation Towers, Corniche West
Timings: Daily 4pm-10pm
Contact: 02 333 8288

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