Abu Dhabi Reduces Use Of Single-Use Plastic By 90%

by Deeplata Garde
Abu Dhabi Reduces Use Of Single-Use Plastic By 90%

UAE and other Middle East countries like Sharjah have taken serious actions on single-plastic usage. Following the trend is Abu Dhabi, which announced its reduced usage this year. The percentage portrayed by Abu Dhabi regarding plastic usage is 90% lower than its earlier statistics. The reduction came into action post the ban on single-use plastic in the Emirate in June 2022.

Abu Dhabi Paving Its Way To Be A More Sustainable City Like Dubai

Abu Dhabi brought the ban on single-use plastic on 1st June 2022. Post that, the reduction has come down to a score of half a million bags per day according to the sources. The Emirates is developing more alternatives for plastic so as to contribute its share in sustainability. This way Abu Dhabi is leading to reducing its environmental footprint.

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What Do The Statistics Suggest?

Abu Dhabi statistics of 2019 confirmed the yearly usage of single plastic bags rounded off to 11 billion. That suspects 13 million tonnes of plastic annually in the ocean globally.

The threat to the environment by plastic usage was pacing with a different level speed. Hence, levying a ban was an important step to protect the environment.

Abu Dhabi is taking routine measures through an array of regular inspections to observe the utility of plastic and the replacement of reusable materials with the aim of a greener future.

Has Abu Dhabi Succeeded In Reducing Environmental Footprint Post The Ban On Single-Use Plastic?

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Inspections revealed a very high degree of adherence to the restriction. The major contribution to reducing the footprint comes from the retail outlets of this Emirate. They have signed a voluntary agreement to support the ban and have been using reusable materials instead. Its been proven that around 80% of retail outlets are supportive of the levying of charges on plastic use.

Ongoing development of the recycling sector for recycling plastic is in pipeline. Over the next five years, it is intended to recycle about 8,000 tonnes of plastic bottles. Around 25 reusable material swap for plastic was developed recently in the Emirates.

Soon you might witness zero usage of single-plastic in Abu Dhabi if the support towards the initiative continues at this pace.

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