Abu Dhabi Now Allows Only One Rider On E-Scooters

by Saniya
Abu Dhabi Now Allows Only One Rider On E-Scooters

The electric scooters changed the commuting game for many in Abu Dhabi. It made it easy for people to get to the bus stand and metro stations and commuters simply loved it. In fact, we could easily say it was one of the best transport inventions in the UAE. However, these scooters with seats might no longer be permitted. Basically, the ones with seats are not allowed anymore in Abu Dhabi.

Why Was This Ban Implemented?

The Integrated Transport Centre has announced that Abu Dhabi residents can now use e-scooters as a legal means of transport. Moreover, companies renting out scooters can also register with ITC and get the scooters rolling after they have acquired the necessary permits.

Fears regarding changes to two-wheelers, which may reach speeds of 30 kilometres per hour, prompted the prohibition. It’s becoming fashionable to equip bikes with seats and large wheels.

A low seat on a scooter designed for standing up could impact a rider’s equilibrium, according to officials. The ruling was expanded to include scooters, which are frequently utilised by minimarkets to carry groceries.


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However, since the project is in its pilot phase, you will have to rent out your scooter from Corniche Street and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street only. But be careful! The usage of e-scooters is limited to designated areas that are away from the streets. After all, we do not want to be disrupting the traffic or endangering the pedestrians. The users will be using the paths designated for cyclists by the authorities and travel no faster than 15-20 kmph. Additionally, they will also be asked to register on an online app to scan QR codes to use the e-scooter.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

Dread walking from your nearest bus station to your favourite mall? Well, this initiative aims to solve that for you. This project is an initiative to offer connections from public bus stations to malls and residences. In addition, the new transport system will also prove to be more cost-effective and easily accessible. ITC has advised the rentals to be nominal, in an attempt to make transportation smooth and affordable.