Abu Dhabi’s Yellow Boat Tours Are Back To Take You Around The City’s Most Beautiful Attractions

by Yogita Chainani
Abu Dhabi’s Yellow Boat Tours Are Back To Take You Around The City’s Most Beautiful Attractions

One of the most popular operators for boat cruises in Abu Dhabi is The Yellow Boats. Abu Dhabi’s Yellow Boats are making a comeback and taking tourists to all the favourite attractions. The Yellow Boats are also back in Dubai. The one-hour boat ride will take you around Dubai Marina in the evening and maneuver around Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, The Palm, and Burj Al Arab, before heading back along Palm Lagoon.The prices start from Dh142 per person.

A Paddle Boarder Shares A Stunning Video Of His Encounter With Whale Shark 

You might also chance upon a shark during your boat ride. A paddleboarder, Christian Bildsten, was paddling along the Raha Beach canal early in the morning when he saw the creature circling him. And he captured stunning drone footage of his encounter with the whale shark. Well, Christian didn’t plan to capture this encounter- it was shot by chance by his “follow me” drone, which was directly overhead.

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The Video Posted On Social Media Did Grab A Lot Of Eyeballs

Christian, an IT manager, posted this footage on social media, and it sure did manage to grab a lot of eyeballs. For the shark, it’s not clear if it was the same whale shark that was seen near Abu Dhabi island’s inlets and waterways over the winter. If it is, then it’s a harmless shark that was first seen in September, having made its way into the Raha canals after following a plankton bloom. It stayed in the area for weeks before heading several kilometres up to the waters of Al Bahia in early November.

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Well, we don’t know which whale shark is it, but the stunning video is surely a treat for our eyes. Don’t you agree?