Actor Ram Kapoor Loses 30 kgs Thanks To An Intensive Workout & 16 Hours Without Food

by Mrunal Mahajan
Actor Ram Kapoor Loses 30 kgs Thanks To An Intensive Workout & 16 Hours Without Food

We all remember  Ram Kapoor from the very famous TV Serial ‘Bade Acche Lagte Hai’, the chubby guy who was a friendly face in the serial. Well, he is not chubby anymore. This drastic transformation of Ram has left everyone stunned and wondering how he actually did that. Well, this was not an overnight change. After his interview with Mumbai Mirror, we learnt that he has lost 30 kgs and here is how he did it.

Image Credits: Ram Kapoor/Instagram

Ram Kapoor went through Intermittent Fasting which is a strategic approach on what to eat and when. Ram starts his weight lifting workout in the morning on an empty stomach for an hour and before sleeping he does an hour of cardio. Now coming to his food, he ate in fewer amounts of food in a period of 8 hours and went without food for 16 hours. That has got to be some dedication and it takes will power. Giving in to your craving is easy, but Ram set an example for all who want to lose weight.

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Image Credits: Ram Kapoor/ Instagram

One of the important things he mentioned in his interview with Mumbai Mirror were some of the things he stopped eating like oily food, dairy products, sugar and carbs. He mentioned that one of the most difficult things he had to give up was meat. His transformation journey is inspirational to many. Working on himself was a bigger goal that he wanted to achieve which is why he took a break for TV. His decided to step aside and only focus on himself. This actor went through a massive transformation and here is how his fans and friends reacted on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

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Well, his fans mention that they liked him chubby but wife Gautami Kapoor was quick to respond and called him, “HOTTIE”. What has a man got to do to get some validation? He did great and working on himself was his prime focus.