According To A Crazy New Research You Can Lose Weight By Crying

by Madhusree Chatragadda
According To A Crazy New Research You Can Lose Weight By Crying

We have seen people come up with some crazy ways of losing those so-called extra kilos. But never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that a day would come when crying could actually become another way to lose weight. We’re not saying it, research is guys. And this ain’t no moist eyes kinda crying that we’re talking. We mean full on sob mode, only that might get you to drop more of that weight.

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The Science
Your tears can be classified into 3 categories which are Basal, Reflex and Psychic tears. Basal tears are the ones that keep your eyes moist at all times avoiding dryness and irritation, Reflex tears are those you get when an irritant enters your eye or during high pollution and smoke in your surroundings and finally, psychic tears are the emotional tears. This is when you are hurt or angry or frustrated and as a result, you cry.

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The psychic tears are the ones that make you lose weight as they cause heightened cortisol levels. In fact, along with weight loss, this type of crying also eliminates other toxic elements in the body. This was founded by William Frey, a biochemist.

What’s More?
There’s even an opportune time apparently for you to let those emotions out. The same study also concluded by saying that between 7pm-10pm in a day is the most apt time period for you to let loose and get them tears flowing.

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Our Take
While the science might check out (who knows actually), we do not encourage any weight loss tactics that might harm your health or your mental peace. While we get that being healthy is the ultimate goal and we all should follow a much more healthier diet, do not succumb to those unrealistic body standards and images society wants you to portray! You are beautiful the way you are. Spread only body positivity people. #LoveYourself

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