Research Says That Women Should Go Out With Friends Twice A Week For Better Health

by Angel Srivastava
Research Says That Women Should Go Out With Friends Twice A Week For Better Health

According to research from the University of California, women’s well-being is better when they meet with four best friends twice a week and “do things” like gossip and talk about their rivals. Besides that, the report claims that social interaction helps women recover from illnesses faster and makes them more generous.

Well huddle up with your lady friends to know more! A study by the University of California suggests that women respond to stress with a “tend-and-befriend” pattern. This helps them reduce vulnerability and gain the support they need. Who do you usually call when you feel pressure at work or after a fight with bae?

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Hanging out with friends positively impacts our health. The time we spend with our girls, reduces our risk of disease, lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol. It seems that friends can replace medicine in some cases.

Friends are the key to longevity. Studies show that people without friends increase their risk of death by over 6 months. And those who have the most friends over 9 years cut their risk of death by around 60%.

Friends help us live better

According to the famous Nurses’ Health Study, the number of friends women have impacted the development of physical impairment in later ages. And members of a “girls’ squad” are likely to lead a joyful life. Moreover, the researchers also found that the absence of friends in a woman’s life is as harmful to her health as being overweight or smoking.

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So, what are you still doing reading? Pick up your phone and call your girlfriends right now to plan that much-awaited girls night!