After 15 Years, Venezuela Is Open For Cruise Tourism; Welcomes European Ship With 400 Passengers

by Shreya Rathod 232

Did you know that Venezuela was one of the wealthiest countries in the 1970s? Also, the discovery of oil reserves gave the country an economic boost. However, the recent unemployment rate and the economic crisis forced the country into poverty. In these situations, reviving its tourism sector is a great idea. This started with Venezuela restarting cruise tourism again. The nation welcomed the first European ship which arrived at the El Guamache port.

Venezuela Builds Its Tourism Industry

venezuela tourism

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The Amadea, which is a world cruise operated by the German travel agency Phoenix Reisen, arrived at the El Guamache airport with nearly four hundred passengers. This was a positive sign for this South American country that was struggling with its economy. The plan was to take passengers to the local tourist sites and showcase the beauty of this place. Then, passengers can depart to their next location. Also, the government’s decision to allow the use of the US dollar has been said to be a boon for business owners.

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Michael Schulze, director of cruising at Phoenix Reisen, stated that Margarita Island is a tourism hot spot for the Germans and is frequently visited by them. Moreover, this decision can help bring attention to the country’s tourism industry. According to World Bank’s data, Venezuela experienced a tremendous drop in international tourism from 2013 to 2017.

Place No Less Than A Paradise

venezuela tourism

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This beautiful country has many wonderful things for you to see. Besides its colonial history, there are beaches and islands where you could spend your vacation while gazing at the crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea. It also has major tourist destinations like Caracus, Margarita Island, Merida state, Canaima, and much more. Moreover, Coro and Canaima National Parks are World Heritage Sites. Other than this, there are tropical mountains and waterfalls that will leave you in awe.

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Though no more cruise arrivals are on the itinerary as of now,  there is still hope for the business.

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