Bairabi-Sairang Railway Project Will Boost Tourism In Mizoram. Here Is All You Need To Know.

by Shreya Rathod
Bairabi-Sairang Railway Project Will Boost Tourism In Mizoram. Here Is All You Need To Know.

The government is trying to make attempts to connect the North-Eastern States of India with the rest of the country, Mizoram being one of them. The Bairabi-Sairang Railway Project is a recent one on the long list. The Chief Public Relations Officer of Northeast Frontier Railway has given the following details regarding the railway line.

Bairabi-Sairang Railway Line In Progress

Bairabi-Sairang Railway
Credits: Pexels

Sabyasachi De, the CPRO, gave a little insight into the construction of this railway line. According to him, the project will bring light to the new era. The project is a massive construction of 55 major bridges and the addition of 51.38 kilometres of the railway line. There is a requirement of nearly 42,000 metric tons of steel for this project. Moreover, the completion will promote tourism and economic development. Also, the distance between mainland regions and Northeastern regions will decrease.

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The Construction Of Railway Line

The project requires fabricated girders for the bridge sites. Further, the workers are working around the clock in cold weather to complete this project. It may take a while due to the prolonged monsoon season, and the availability of skilled workers and construction materials. Also, the poor accessibility to the areas is a problem. Despite everything, the workers are doing night shifts. Once the railway line is complete and operating, the locals can access long distances across the country.

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