After 2 Yrs, Etihad To Pay AED 4896 Compensation For A 2021 Cancelled Hyderabad-Dubai-New York Flight

Etihad Airways faces the penalty: Court orders payment for cancelled flight.

by Deeplata Garde
After 2 Yrs, Etihad To Pay AED 4896 Compensation For A 2021 Cancelled Hyderabad-Dubai-New York Flight

After a 2-year hiatus, Etihad Airways must now pay up for a COVID-19 cancellation. The Consumer Court in Hyderabad has issued a ruling requiring the airline to compensate a passenger whose flight from Hyderabad to New York, via Dubai, was axed due to the pandemic in 2021.

A Legal Issue Solved: The Court’s Verdict

Credits: Etihad Airways/ Facebook

The court has ordered Etihad to pay Rs 1,11,248 to the affected passenger. This sum includes the total ticket cost plus a 9% interest rate, calculated from the cancellation date. The ruling also tacks on an extra Rs 20,000 in compensation for the passenger’s troubles. Etihad must comply within 45 days from June 27, or they’ll face an additional 3% interest charge.

The court didn’t stop there. It also mandated that Etihad cover Rs 10,000 in legal fees. The airline now has a financial dance to perform, and the clock is ticking. Failure to adhere to these stipulations will result in additional financial penalties, adding to the airline’s existing woes.

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The Journey of the Complaint

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Credits: Etihad Airways/ Facebook

The traveller bought his tickets from Etihad’s Mehdipatnam office for a trip from Hyderabad to New York, with a layover in Dubai via Abu Dhabi. After the flights were cancelled, the passenger repeatedly tried to get a refund or reschedule the tickets. Frustrated by the lack of response, he filed a complaint with the consumer forum in February 2021.

Etihad defended itself, claiming the passenger had missed the extended deadline for refunds or rescheduling, which was moved from October to March 2022 due to COVID-19. However, a May 2022 email surfaced, showing that the passenger had indeed contacted Etihad’s customer service within the allowed time frame.

The court’s decision underscores the necessity for airlines to provide clear communication and timely resolutions to customer grievances. Etihad’s inability to address the passenger’s concerns promptly led to this legal entanglement, highlighting a lapse in their customer service protocols.


Etihad Airways must now pay Rs 1,11,248 plus interest and additional compensation, as ordered by the Hyderabad Consumer Court. This case highlights the importance of airlines honouring their commitments, especially in extraordinary times. The passenger’s persistence has paid off, ensuring justice for those who face similar issues.

This ruling serves as a reminder to all airlines about the critical importance of customer service and timely communication. The passenger’s victory not only brings financial relief but also sends a message to other travellers that persistence can lead to justice. Etihad now has the responsibility to rectify this oversight and ensure that future passengers do not face similar issues.

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