After 46 Bids, Dubai’s Tallest Residential High-Rise, Pentominium Tower Sold For $100 Million

Dubai's Pentominium Tower, A $100 Million record sale

by Deeplata Garde
After 46 Bids, Dubai’s Tallest Residential High-Rise, Pentominium Tower Sold For $100 Million

In a staggering real estate transaction, Dubai’s Pentominium Tower, poised to be the world’s tallest residential high-rise upon completion, has fetched a jaw-dropping $100 million after a competitive bidding process involving 46 bids.

Select Group Secures the Heights: A Dubai-Based Buyer Emerges

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The discerning buyer behind this landmark acquisition is none other than Select Group. A prominent Dubai-based real estate developer, the company holds an extensive portfolio spanning over 20 projects in both the UAE and the UK. The seller, Trident International Holdings, initiated the tower’s construction on 26 July 2008. However, it had to halt progress in 2011 due to financial and legal complexities.

Pentominium Tower: A Marvel in the Making

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Situated in Dubai Marina and masterfully designed by Aedas, a leading global architecture firm, the Pentominium Tower is set to soar to a height of 516 meters across 122 floors. Each floor will house a single apartment, contributing to a total of 172 ultra-luxury residences ranging from 4,000 to 20,000 square feet according to Wikipedia. The tower promises panoramic vistas of the Arabian Gulf and the Palm Jumeirah. Residents will indulge in lavish amenities such as a sky lounge, private cinema, cigar lounge, spa, gym, and swimming pool.

Surpassing Heights: Topping the Residential Charts

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Upon completion, the Pentominium Tower will outshine the current tallest residential building globally, New York’s Central Park Tower, standing at 472.4 meters. In the Dubai skyline, it will proudly claim the title of the second tallest building, following the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure at 828 meters.

Beyond its architectural grandeur, the Pentominium Tower is a response to Dubai’s surging demand for opulent living spaces. The city, renowned for hosting some of the globe’s most exclusive properties, anticipates the tower to be a beacon of luxury. It will be shaping its skyline and affirming its ambition and innovation.

The sale of the Pentominium Tower stands as a testament to the resilience and recovery of Dubai’s real estate sector. It will shed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and fluctuations in oil prices. It reflects the unwavering confidence of investors and developers in Dubai’s future.

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Sheikh Mohammed’s Vision, A Towering Tribute To UAE Skyline

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The Pentominium Tower symbolizes the commitment to Dubai’s development and prosperity. Beyond its structural prowess, the tower’s name is derived from the word “pentomino” meaning “five pieces’.

Earlier this year, the Dubai Courts approved the administration process through Emirates Auction auctioned the development. Following a highly-contested bidding process of 46 bids, Select Group emerged as the winner with a $100-million bid for the development.

This achievement not only underscores the vibrancy of Dubai’s property landscape but also highlights the resilience and enduring appeal of the real estate sector in the city. As the market evolves, such landmark transactions contribute to shaping Dubai’s skyline and further solidify its position as a global hub for luxury real estate.

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