After BEST, NMMT Prohibits Passengers From Talking Loudly On Mobile, Playing Music Or Video

In NMMT buses, you can no longer talk loudly while riding on the bus. Here are the revised rules you should know.

by Shreya Rathod
After BEST, NMMT Prohibits Passengers From Talking Loudly On Mobile, Playing Music Or Video

After BEST, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) has officially outlawed using loud music, films, or chatting on cell phones while riding NMMT buses. According to the officials, this decision is taken for passengers’ convenience—here are the details.

NMMT Buses Prohibits Passengers From Talking Loudly On Mobile

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The NMMT administration has made it clear that other passengers would not be inconvenienced by this decision. Recently, directives in this regard have been issued by the NMMT administration. While riding public transportation, many people play loud music or films or talk loudly on their cell phones. Other passengers are inconvenienced by this.

Mobile phones are carried by the majority of passengers on the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport Corporation’s buses. It has been noted that smartphone users tend to make a lot of noise, which bothers other bus patrons. Arguments have begun to arise among the bus’s passengers as a result of the noise from cell phones.

In light of this, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport Corporation forbids people from using loud music or films or talking on their phones while riding one of its buses. Since NMMT operates as a public transportation system and passengers travelling by bus ought not to encounter any sort of disruption from other passengers, violators of the Mumbai Police Act (Section 38/1,2 and 112) may face legal prosecution for talking loudly on their cell phones or playing loud music or films, among other offences.

This directive makes it clear that using audio or video on a mobile phone without earbuds and speaking loudly while speaking are not permitted on NMMT buses. All of the transport facility’s supervisory employees, bus conductors, and drivers have been told to heed this and adhere to it strictly.

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BEST Bus Rules For Passengers

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Keep your earbuds close at hand the next time you ride a BEST bus, as the transportation company has outlawed using mobile phone speakers to play music or watch films. Furthermore, it is not permitted to have noisy phone conversations.

In accordance with sections 38 and 112 of the Bombay Police Act, noncompliance with this new regulation, which was implemented via an internal notification on April 24, may result in legal action.

According to the BEST official, passengers have also expressed dissatisfaction with the needless noise, in addition to the drivers and conductors. Since BEST buses are public transportation, they have taken this action to prevent any similar disruption to other passengers.

The head of the NGO Aapli BEST Aaplyasathi, Rupesh Shelatkar, said that while the initiative is commendable, authorities should figure out how to put it into practice to avoid arguments between bus employees and customers about what is and isn’t allowed.

According to many travellers, mandating the use of earphones in buses is necessary to ensure others are not disturbed. Moreover, passengers have thanked the authorities for bringing this rule!

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Comment below and tell us if you have faced inconvenience on the bus because of other passengers loud talking on mobile or playing music. Also, tell us what have you done to stop them.

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