After Dubai, This Emirate Of UAE Has Changed The Validity Period Of Golden Visa From 5 to 10 Years

by Deeplata Garde
After Dubai, This Emirate Of UAE Has Changed The Validity Period Of Golden Visa From 5 to 10 Years

We all have been reading several updates about Visa. The unique and important visa of UAE is Golden Visa as you need to hone some special skills to be eligible for this. UAE have particular guidelines regarding this visa regardless of the Emirate. After Dubai, Abu Dhabi has decided to extend the validity period of its Golden Visa. The current validity is 5 years.

Golden Visa Validity Has Been Increased To 10 Years

For experts and researchers in the sciences and humanities, including doctors, specialists, scientists, and innovators, the ten-year Golden Visa provides a variety of residency alternatives. For long-term residency, investors and entrepreneurs can apply for the Abu Dhabi Golden Visa. Top talent from around the globe can use it if they want to settle in Abu Dhabi for the foreseeable future and live, work, and develop there.

In accordance with suggestions from the concerned authority, such as the Abu Dhabi Office for Residents, owners of this Golden Visa may sponsor their spouses, children, and parents irrespective of their age.

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All You Need To Know About Golden Residency Programme

A long time ago, the UAE government introduced the Golden Residency Programme to offer long-term residency rights that allow the bearer to live there without the requirement for a sponsor.

A multitude of high-growth businesses, including the creative fields, R&D, healthcare, agriculture, and financial services, in addition to a flourishing start-up environment, can be found in Abu Dhabi.

The bearer of a Golden Visa gets special privileges. It includes a multiple-entry visa valid for six months in order to finish the application process. Also, they are eligible for a renewable resident visa valid for five or ten years.

Family members can remain in the UAE for as long as their residence is valid, even in the event that the sponsor passes away.

Do you fall in the above-mentioned categories to be eligible for Golden Visa?

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