After Everest, Mountaineer Madhusudan Patidar Is All Set To Climb The 4th And 5th Highest Mountains In the World

by Tooba Shaikh
After Everest, Mountaineer Madhusudan Patidar Is All Set To Climb The 4th And 5th Highest Mountains In the World

Climbing mountains, for many, is a task that is to be admired from afar. But not for Madhusudan Patidar. A professional mountaineer, Madhusudan lives to conquer the highest peaks on the planet. Having already conquered his Everest, quite literally, at the age of 20, he is now all set to conquer the fourth and fifth-highest mountains in the world. However, he is not simply engaged in a self-indulgent pursuit of greatness, he has a mission. And that mission is to clean and climb the 100 highest peaks in the world.

Man On A Mission: Mountaineer Madhusudan Patidar

Just like John Muir, Madhusudan heard the mountains calling him from a very young age and he knew that he, too, must go. He knew that he wanted to spend his life scaling great heights, literally, and basking in the views that these mountains offered.

He scaled the formidable Everest at the age of 20 and since then, his climb has only gotten more powerful. Very quickly, he became one of the few elite climbers, both in India and in the world. Not only is he recognised by the Indian Mountaineering Federation, but he is also the brand ambassador for the World Adventure Society in Brazil.

Madhusudan has now embarked on a mission to not just climb, but also clean the highest 100 mountain peaks in the world. His mission is already 22 per cent complete as he is done scaling 22 of the highest mountains in the world.

All Set To Climb Lhotse & Makalu

He was recently invited to climb the mountains Lhotse and Makalu which are the fourth and the fifth-highest mountains in the world. Needless to say, he is thrilled at this prospect and is eager to share his experience with his more than 300 thousand followers on Instagram.

Given his prolific online presence, he has been eagerly sought out by distinguished brands for various partnerships and collaborations. So far, he has partnered with more than twenty brands including TedX, Realme, IndiGo, Redbull, Decathlon, and several others.

His thousands of followers are eagerly awaiting his forthcoming expeditions to Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Makalu and so are we. His ascent to great heights, both literally and metaphorically, will be worth watching and we know he will be on top before long. For many, the sky is the limit but for this dynamic mountaineer, the sky is his point of view.

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Cover Image Credits: @adventurist_feed/Instagram