After India, Pakistan Airlines Asks Passport Holders With Single Name To Get Their Passports Updated To Enter UAE

by Deeplata Garde 106

Recently, various Indian Airlines adopted the guideline of asking their passengers flying to UAE to check the names on their passports. If it displays on one part of the name a.k.a the surname or the name, then the following traveller is not eligible to fly anywhere in UAE. Following the rules, Pakistan also brought these changes in their system. So now if you fly from Pakistan to UAE, make sure to update your passport with the changes mentioned above.

Pakistan Flights Carries A Huge Number Of Expats To UAE

Due to the fact that South Asian citizens make up the second expat population in the UAE, numbering over 1.6 million, Pakistan-UAE is among the busiest aviation routes.

Flights flying from Pakistan to UAE has made it clear for the passenger to update their passport for eligibility purpose. The guideline seems to be spreading at a quick pace and might reach western countries soon. Unlike India and Pakistan, foreign nationals usually have only their name published on their passports. In India & Pakistan, the population usually have a surname or father’s name attached to the first name. Women can also apply their husband’s or fathers’ names on important documents like passports.

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You Can Enter UAE If You Have Residency Visa

UAE Public Holiday

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Travel will be permitted, nevertheless, if you have a single name and a residence permit or an employment visa, provided that the single name is maintained on the document as both the first and last name. The most recent regulation applies to all visa types.

So if you belong to any of the above-mentioned countries and plan to fly to UAE, then make sure you add a second name to your passport.

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