UAE-India Travel: Expats File Case Over Very High Air Fare

by Ishita Agarwal
UAE-India Travel: Expats File Case Over Very High Air Fare

The Delhi High Court requested that a Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) member consider a petition. It was file against the high cost of flights between India and UAE. Rule 135(1) of the 1937 Aviation Regulations was the subject of a petition file by the political organisation Kerala Pravasi Association in Delhi, which claim it was undefined, arbitrary, and unconstitutional.

What Are The Claims of the Petition?

Even though Rule 135(4) of the 1937 Aviation Regulations (the “Rules”) gives the DGCA the authority to provide instructions for an airline. If it applies an excessive fare in accordance with Rule 135(1) or engaged in oligopolistic practices. However, the provision in question renders void the arbitrary and unrestrained powers given to airlines under Rule 135(1) of the Rules to fix the fare.

Kuriakose Varghese, Senior Supreme Court Counsel and Managing Partner of KNPM Law, applied on behalf of the NRI group. During peak travel seasons, a ticket from India to the UAE may cost AED 1,500–3,000. Moreover, the cost of flights to Kerala is among the highest.

The petitioners, the Kerala Pravasi Association, ask for the immediate repeal of Rule 135 or an interim fix to the airline’s rates (1). Senior NRI association members claim this may be the first time a writ submit to contest rule 135 (1). 


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What Does The Law Say? 

Gulf airlines allegedly charged inflated, unreasonable, and excessive prices for flights to Kerala and the rest of India. Indian nationals who want to travel to and from these nations mainly for jobs, business, or education encounter several obstacles. Furthermore, it is alleged that such excessive and unjustified prices limit. However,  air travel as a form of transportation infringes on the constitutionally guaranteed rights of Indian travellers to and from the Gulf states. 

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