After Kacha Badam, Welcome Bhopal Namkeen Wala’s Jingle. Internet Goes “Tet Teet”

by Sanjana Shenoy
After Kacha Badam, Welcome Bhopal Namkeen Wala’s Jingle. Internet Goes “Tet Teet”

Bhuban Badyakar, a peanut seller from West Bengal became an overnight sensation, after he composed and sang a catchy jingle “Kacha Badam” to sell peanuts. Kacha Badam became so famous that even celebrities danced merrily to the jingle to keep up with the viral trend. Well, after Kacha Badam, there’s a new viral jingle in town by a Bhopal namkeen wala. This will leave you going“Tet Teet”. Here’s all about it.

Bhopal Namkeen Wala Serenades Internet With Catchy Jingle

A video shared by Twitterati @manishbpl shows a Bhopal namkeen wala, sitting on a scooter. In order to attract customers, he sings loudly and confidently. A jingle that he has composed. With a bag full of fried snacks, his Hindi jingle informs customers that he sells each packet of namkeen for just ₹30 each. The sing-song jingle has a beat-boxing-like rhythm that leaves listeners tapping their feet.

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The Jingle Is Now An Internet Sensation

In an interview with ANI, he introduced himself as Naseem Ahmed. The Bhopal namkeen wala uses this jingle to welcome customers. As he sings his jingle another time for reporters, children in the vicinity flock around to groove to his music. Smiling, dancing and tapping their feet, the melody entertains them.  Ever since a Twitterati shared the video, it has garnered over 1 lakh views and over 500 retweets. And Ahmed received calls and messages from people across India. So, who’s up for namkeen?