5 Food And Other Ad Jingles By KK Every 90s Kid Will Remember

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Food And Other Ad Jingles By KK Every 90s Kid Will Remember

Krishnakumar Kunnat, popularly known as KK bid the world goodbye on 31st May, leaving everyone in dismay. He was for sure a legendary vocalist who enchanted the world with his soulful voice. A not so known fact about this talented singer is that before his big break in Bollywood he has been the voice of about 3500 jingles in 11 different languages. Here are some of them that every 90’s Kid is sure to remember. 

1. Pepsi

Pepsi has released different and memorable ads all these years. But the ones which featured Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee and s with KK’s amazing voice have been everyone’s favourite for years. 

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2. Nerolac Paints

90’s kids will surely agree to the fact that this Nerolac ad was on loop in their minds because it was so catchy. The other reason for it to be still so fresh in everyone’s, mind is KK’s magical voice. Writing this got me humming it again just like the good old days. 

3. Hero Honda

Hero Honda’s famous and evergreen ad “Desh Ki Dhadkan too was sung by KK. His voice was simply apt for the advertisement and for sure did justice to the brand. The way he sang similar high pitched lines is simply incredible. 

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4. Colgate Gel

KK’s voice was enough versatile to suit everything and make it better with the magic his voice creates. The Colgate gel ad featuring Aishwarya Rai simply brought in a wave of freshness which was not possible without KK’s voice. 

5. Double Mint Chewing Gum

The most recent jingle that KK lent his voice to was Double Mint chewing gum. KK’s adaption of Kishore Kumar’s famous song Ek Ajnabee is simply amazing. His voice simply added sweetness to the song and its picturization. 

Well, we, from the 90’s generation are surely blessed as we had the very fortune to witness KK and his voice all through our childhood and even after that be it through jingles or songs. As he left it felt like a part of our childhood too did but his work will surely be etched in our hearts and will soothe the coming generations too. May his soul rest in peace. 

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