After Robots & VR, Emirates Launches An Innovation Majlis At Their Dubai Headquarters

by Deeplata Garde
After Robots & VR, Emirates Launches An Innovation Majlis At Their Dubai Headquarters

Innovation, advanced, latest technology and Emirates go hand in hand. And to make it more significant for the next generation, Emirates has launched an Innovation Majlis at its Dubai HQ. Emirates has been praised many times for its innovation in the aviation industry. And this would be very well displayed at the Innovation Majis in Dubai. Let’s check out what’s so fascinating about this new majlis by Emirates.

Innovation Majlis By Emirates At Dubai HQ

The first thought regarding innovation makes our mind wander off to robots, gadgets and more. This is exactly what the Emirate group has put on display. Expect the most advanced robotics, holograms, 3D printers, and other cutting-edge technology to be on display at the Innovation Majlis by Emirates.

A lot of learning is involved to create and showcase such latest technology from the Aviation industry. The majlis will also be driven by collaborations with universities, business leaders, and ecological projects, as well as by the exploration of alternative energy sources.

The Emirates Group has a lengthy track record of leading technological advancement in the industry. The Innovation Majlis by Emirates has just introduced Sara, the first check-in robot helper in history. Additionally, it entails organising the inaugural ForsaTEK conference.

Also, the conference is an annual gathering of prominent tech and business partners, start-up initiatives, and ecosystem stakeholders. The Emirates Centre of Excellence for Aviation Robotics (ECEAR) has been established thanks to the strong cooperation between the Dubai Future Foundation and the Emirates Group.So, to support research and development projects targeted at reducing the detrimental impact of fossil fuels in business aviation, the Emirates has committed US$ 200 million.

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What Will Be On Display At This Majlis?

Innovation Majlis Emirates
Pic Creds: Twitter/Emirates

1. 3D holographic display with generative AI
2. AI-enabled wearable glasses for AR experiences
3.3D printing solutions
4. Haptic gloves for natural XR interactions
5. Autonomous mobile manipulator
6. Next-generation water filtration:
7. Optimised videoconferencing
8. Automatic wireless charging

All these innovations are going to transform the way we perceive aviation technology. The Innovation Majlis by Emirate will certainly elevate the experience of visitors at their Dubai HQ. So on your next visit to Emirates Headquarters, don’t forget to visit this newly launched Innovation Majlis!

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release