After Spending 500 Days In A Cave, Spanish Woman Didn’t Want To Come Out. We Feel Ya!

by Anupriya Mishra
After Spending 500 Days In A Cave, Spanish Woman Didn’t Want To Come Out. We Feel Ya!

Can you imagine staying in a dark, dingy, and damp cave for a long period of time, or even a day? Even if it’s for an experiment under strict supervision? The thought itself is enough to make us feel creeped out! But recently a Spanish woman came out of a cave after spending 500 days in it. Shocking, isn’t it? Here’s everything you need to know about this fascinating story!

A Spanish Woman Spends 500 Days In A Cave!

Beatriz Flamini is a 50-year-old Spanish extreme athlete, who recently emerged out of a cave after spending 500 days inside it, all alone. She emerged on Friday, April 14 after spending 500 days, living 70 metres or 230 feet deep inside the cave with minimal contact from the outside world. According to a news report by CNN, this extreme athlete emerged outside wearing dark glasses and a white smile on her face as she tried to adjust to the spring light in the Southern Spain. With the cave, located outside Granada, Beatriz Flamini had told reporters that she did not want to come out.

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She Went Inside When She Was 48 Years Old!

When she entered the cave, she was 48 years old and had since then celebrated two birthdays alone, inside. She began this challenge on Saturday, November 20 of 2021, which was before major world events, like the end of the Spain Covid mask requirement and the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain. However, she did come out for eight days, during which she stayed isolated in a tent, waiting for repairs to be made to the router used for sending audio and videos to her team, telling them she was alright. If you are wondering what her routine was on the inside, she spent her time painting, drawing, knitting, woollen hats, and even doing exercises. As it happens, she confessed to having stopped counting days after the 65th one and just lost the perception of time.

Would you be brave enough to spend this long without any physical contact with the outside world?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/beatriz_flamini