AI Images Show Elon Musk If He Was A Bangalore Boy And Netizens Are Roaring With Laughter

by Tooba Shaikh
AI Images Show Elon Musk If He Was A Bangalore Boy And Netizens Are Roaring With Laughter

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that art made by artificial intelligence has been all the rage recently. AI art has been spreading on the Internet as people experiment with various, and at times even hilarious, prompts. Just a few days ago, a few AI-made pics went viral on the Internet which showed the billionaires of the world if they were poor. Now, another set of photographs made by AI featuring Elon Musk as a Bengaluru boy is going viral on Twitter.

Tweet Thread Shows Elon Musk As A Bengaluru Boy

1. Here is Elon Musk cheering for Royal Challengers Bangalore from the famous Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore.

2. Here’s what Elon Musk would look like if he was an employee working at the famous Manyata Tech Park instead of being an eccentric billionaire.

3. Here is Musk attending a meetup at Indiranagar!

4. Ever wondered what Musk looks like while on a road trip to Coorg? Neither have we but here is a picture nonetheless.

5. Here is the billionaire devouring a dosa at the iconic Rameshwaram Cafe.

6. Of course, living in Bengaluru would be incomplete without riding in the iconic Namma metro!

7. Here is him having a discussion about the architecture of the Silk Board Junction. He clearly dons many hats.

8. Here is Musk being adventurous and riding a bicycle from Cubbon Park to Vidhana Soudha.

9. If you ever wanted to see him visit Toit, the iconic microbrewery in Bengaluru, here it is. Elon cracking open a cold one with his other Bengaluru boys.

10. Last but definitely not the least, Musk enjoying the aesthetic pink blooms of the city.

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Netizens React Hilariously

The tweet thread went viral and many people applauded the user for his creativity and skill. Some even made their own suggestions for how and what they’d wanna see Musk doing. One user suggested that Musk should be shown contemplating his life choices. Meanwhile, one other user recommended that Musk should be shown in line at the security check at Kempegowda International Airport.

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What suggestions would you give for more such fun photos? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @sanketsahu/Twitter