Air Flyers Now To Get New Rights For Cancelled Or Delayed Flights

by Kritika Kukreja
Air Flyers Now To Get New Rights For Cancelled Or Delayed Flights

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Indian air travellers might be getting a full refund in case of cancellation of flights within 4 days of the departure and more facilities. 

What Is It?

A while ago we spoke about flyers getting a compensation in case of delayed or cancelled flights, but there’s good news! Now Indian flyers will be getting a full refund if the flight is cancelled or they cancel within 4 days of departure. 

For Cancellation

Unless the passenger is cancelling the ticket 4 days before the estimated departure, there will be a full refund. But if it exceeds that, passengers who request to cancel or reschedule the flight will have to pay the basic surcharge or cancellation fees. 

If the flight is cancelled by the airline, the passenger will be given an option to switch or reschedule the flight up to 2 hours of the estimated departure. If the switching option isn’t provided, a full refund will be provided to the passenger.

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For Delay

In case of delayed flight, the passenger may wish to switch or cancel the ticket if it exceeds to 4 hours. If the passenger misses a connecting flight due to the delay, the compensation will be paid by the airline. The passenger can also claim for compensation with regards to the delay. If it delayed by 4 hours, passenger is eligible for a compensation of ₹4000, if 4 to 12 hours, then ₹10,000 and if it exceeds 12 hours, then ₹20,000. 

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Lost Or Damaged Baggage

In case of baggage damaged or lost, the airline is liable for providing compensation to the flyers. For per kg lost, the flyer will get a compensation of ₹3,000 and ₹1,000 compensation for delay or damage. 

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