Air France, KLM & Other Airlines Are Discontinuing Customer Service Via Twitter; Here’s Why!

by Shreya Rathod
Air France, KLM & Other Airlines Are Discontinuing Customer Service Via Twitter; Here’s Why!

Over the years, Twitter has become the easiest and fastest way to address grievances towards a product or service. For flyers, tweeting and giving their feedback to the airlines is convenient. Moreover, it ensures that their issues will be addressed by the airline’s helpline. However, some European airlines are suggesting travellers avoid contacting them through Twitter. Here’s everything about Twitter’s new rules and why airlines are ditching the platform.

Airlines Are Not Responding On Twitter

We are accustomed to tweeting to airlines about feedback or queries. However, Twitter’s new rules are causing some airlines to no longer respond to customer-service inquiries. Recently, Air France tweeted that their customer service via direct message won’t be available through the network. The reason behind this decision is Twitter’s changed conditions.

Moreover, KLM, its sister airline, posted a similar tweet stating that Twitter DMs no longer load in their protected customer care system. And this has made it difficult for them to assist with the queries.

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Reason Behind This Change

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According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, travel industry officials claim that this is because of how the social media platform interacts with airlines’ internal websites. And the modifications were necessary. Concerns concerning Twitter’s business verification process are also raised by these CEOs.

The Air France spokesperson confirmed the news of discontinuing the service. However, their commercial teams are still available through the usual channels.

Previously, Twitter offered free account verification, designating verified accounts with a blue tick mark. The business introduced a new method last year in which the majority of consumers and businesses would have to pay for authentication. In fact, individual users cost between $8 and $11 monthly whereas organisations must pay $1,000 a month. In addition to this, Twitter is charging additional fees of $50 monthly for every affiliate account.

The majority of significant carriers have the gold tick mark that businesses can purchase on Twitter, indicating that they are verified. Some airlines’ profiles, including Air France, Spirit Airlines, and Singapore Airlines, didn’t have the badge as of Monday.

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This can increase the risk of imposter spoofing companies’ accounts!

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