Air India Charges ₹39K For ‘A’ Class Seat In Nag-Mum Flight; Passengers Lose Their Cool!

air india flight ticket
by Shreya Rathod

Flight tickets are extremely expensive despite advance booking. Longer distance and international flight tickets cost several thousand rupees. But domestic flight tickets are somewhat expensive too! This is causing a problem for travellers. Recently, a similar thing happened with the price of Air India flight tickets from Nagpur and Mumbai.

Air India Nag-Mum Flight Is So Expensive!

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According to a report in Lokmat Times, airlines have begun setting arbitrary costs for flights as a result of the battle over ticket prices. On May 23, passengers were shocked to learn that one of the two available ‘A’ class seats on an Air India aircraft to Mumbai cost Rs 39,000. There was a ruckus among the passengers as a result of the ticket prices being shown on Air India’s system. The travellers are angry about this unjust pricing.

At 7:30 am on Tuesday, the Air India AI-628 flight is scheduled to leave Nagpur for Mumbai. Except for two ‘A’ class seats, almost all of the tickets for the flight were already reserved. When a customer needed to travel to Mumbai for urgent business, the person asked about the cost of tickets and was astonished to learn that one ticket cost Rs 39,000. Even the Air India staff were taken aback by the high rate.

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On the other hand, the system on Monday indicated that other airlines flying on Tuesday from Nagpur to Mumbai had tickets priced between Rs 8,000 and Rs 10,000. The lack of government regulation over aeroplane ticket prices is made clear by this circumstance.

Unfair Pricing Of Flight Tickets

air india flight tickets

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In response to an increase in airfares on some routes, the government has urged airlines to use restraint and maintain balance in the pricing of plane tickets. They further stated that there shouldn’t be a significant difference between the tickets provided by the airlines in the lower and upper-cost buckets while making it clear that there are no intentions to limit airfares.

According to The Economic Times report, India is one of the world’s markets for civil aviation that is expanding the quickest. Additionally, since the coronavirus pandemic had a significant detrimental effect, domestic passenger traffic has been rising.

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