Air Vistara To Bear Medical Expenses Of 10-YO Girl Who Suffered Burns, But Netizens Are Not Kind

by Shreya Rathod
Air Vistara To Bear Medical Expenses Of 10-YO Girl Who Suffered Burns, But Netizens Are Not Kind

A 10-year-old ordered a cup of hot chocolate on an Air Vistara flight. However, it turned into a horrific encounter. The mother claimed that the member of the cabin service unintentionally spilt the beverage on her kid’s left leg and she allegedly sustained second-degree burns.

10-YO Girl Suffered Burns On An Air Vistara Flight

The incident happened on August 11 while travelling from Delhi to Frankfurt, and the family claims the airline failed to offer an apology or cover the costs of the victim’s medical care. According to Rachna Gupta, who was travelling on the aircraft to Frankfurt with her daughter Tara, they missed their connecting flight to Lisbon.

Ms Gupta claims that an ambulance was dispatched for them and a paramedic gave her kid emergency care. However, the airline did not receive an apology and were ultimately responsible for the high medical costs.

She further claimed that had to pay a 503 Euro ambulance bill in addition to the hospital fees. She claimed that they missed their connecting flight and that the airline failed to take steps to find them a different flight. She insisted that the airline did contact her, but it was only after she posted.

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Here’s What The Airline Statement Read

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Credits: Wikimedia

In an extended statement, Air Vistara made it apparent that they had already made plans for the mother and daughter to return to India and that they were reviewing their protocols to ensure that a situation like this wouldn’t happen again.

They confirmed that an unfortunate event involving the little girl resulted in injuries. The airline said that the girl received first assistance and that a paramedic who was travelling with the plane volunteered to help until it landed in Frankfurt. The statement added that after the plane landed, an ambulance was called for the child, who was then taken to a hospital together with her mother.

However, Netizens Are Not Being Kind…

After the incident, Netizens have been grilling Air Vistara for their services. One of the users stated that their services are degrading day by day. Another user wrote that the airline is rude and arrogant and shows fake concern.

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A user pointed out that Air Vistara air hostesses are more arrogant than any other airline.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia & @GuptaRachna76/ Twitter