Bomb Threat At Delhi Airport Delays Mumbai-Bound Vistara Flight By 2 Hours

Bomb Threat
by Shreya Ghosh

The incidents of passengers creating chaos inside the airport do not seem to end anytime soon. Just recently, a flight got delayed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and the reason will literally blow your mind. A passenger was heard talking about carrying a bomb inside the luggage and this began a huge chaos inside the Delhi airport on Thursday. What actually happened on that day? Read on know about this bomb threat.

A Female Co-Passenger Overheard Some Conversation Of A Man Flying To Dubai

Bomb Threat

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Everything was going fine until a woman co-passenger heard a man talking about a bomb inside his bag. Soon after hearing this, massive chaos started at the airport and the man about to fly to Dubai was arrested as well. The airport officials shared that they were about to fly to Mumbai from Delhi. As a consequence of the incident, the Vistara flight got delayed by 2 hours. Also, the Central Industrial Security Force took this Dubai passenger into custody.

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After the incident came to a conclusion, the senior police official stated that the man was actually talking with his mother. He was sharing with his mum that the airport staff did not allow him to carry a coconut with him as it could have a bomb or explosives in it, according to a report by Hindustan Times. The woman passenger got scared after overhearing this conversation and this led to the delay of 2 hours. It was about 4:55 PM when this happened.

The Vistara Flight Was Checked Thoroughly After Hearing About The Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

After the female passenger informed the airline staff about how she overheard the conversation of the male passenger over his phone, proper checking was conducted. This led to the Mumbai-bound flight suffering a delay of about 2 hours. The conclusion was that it was a hoax bomb threat. Soon the flight took off for Mumbai after 2 hours. Also, the man with the hoax bomb threat was turned in to the local police of that area.

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Have you ever had to face such a long delay at the airport?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons