Airbnb Pays To Live Like A Local In Italy

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Airbnb Pays To Live Like A Local In Italy

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Airbnb is looking for a group of four people to go on a three-month trip to the South of Italy with all expenses paid.

What Is It?

Airbnb is looking for people who they’re going to pay to live in a remote village in Italy for three months. Live in Grottole, a hilltop village that is about 90 minutes from Bari, for free for whole three months.

The selected travellers will be hosted by locals in the Grottole village, it is an old village that sits atop a hill in the South of Italy.

What’s In It?

The chosen travellers will be offered to live in the quaint village of Italy, Grottole, who can indulge in the local culture there. The role of the lucky travellers will be to work for the local NGO Wonder Grottole to help bring new life into the community, and learn the language as well, do a bit of cooking, take part in vegetable gardening, olive oil production, honey harvesting and pasta making.

Airbnb has partnered with Wonder Grottole, a nonprofit whose aim is to revitalize the small village. Currently, there are about 300 inhabitants and the NGO is dealing with an excess of available housing, to the tune of 600 empty homes, and a village on the brink of total abandonment.

Italy is a country that has way too many villages, small towns and numerous hilltop villages with a strong and vibrant culture, and rural community. The aim is to help preserve this community and its people so they continue for generations to come. This can be done through contributions by people who will help in rebuilding the village life that will reinvigorate rural Italy.

The four travellers will be given one month of training before they go full-time in becoming the experienced co-hosts with Wonder Grottole.

As part of their role, the travellers will have to welcome guests to a bedroom at the local community centre or into a traditional home in the centre of the village. Apart from this, they will also be responsible for showing visitors traditional skills like vegetable farming, honey harvesting, pasta making and olive oil production. All proceeds from these experiences will be invested back into the village.

What Are The Conditions To Apply?

1. Candidates must be over 18.
2. They should be available to move to Grottole for three months from June to August 2019 and volunteer for the NGO Wonder Grottole.
3. Be fluent in conversing in English and open to learning Italian during the trip.
4. Candidates should be able to demonstrate their commitment to contribute to village life.


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