Airfares To UAE Rise By 200%, Indian Expats Forced To Delay Their Return To The Nation

by Anupriya Mishra
Airfares To UAE Rise By 200%, Indian Expats Forced To Delay Their Return To The Nation

It’s no secret that people generally tend to take off for their homeland or for a new destination during summer vacations. After all the holidays make it possible for families to get together with their loved ones while enjoying a much-needed break from the punishing summer heat. However, this often results in an increase in airfare, since the demand is so high! But this year, it is being noticed that flights from India to the UAE have seen a fare hike of up to 200%, forcing Indian expats to delay their return. Here is more about this.

Indian Expats Delay Return As Airfare Hikes Up To 200%

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As summer vacations rolled in, many Indian expat families flew from the UAE to their home country to spend some time with their loved ones. However, airfares from India to the UAE are now skyrocketing! Yes, in a report by the Gulf News, it was revealed that airfares of flights from India to the UAE are witnessing a rise of up to 200%! This increase is in comparison to the off-season rates, which is forcing many Indian expats to postpone their return flights. So, many of them for delaying the travel journey to mid-September, waiting for the prices to reduce. While there is almost always a sharp hike in airfares, whether someone it’s flying from the UK, Europe or any getaway destination during the summer holiday, but this hike is absolutely unprecedented.

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Until When Is This Hike Expected To Continue?

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Moreover, the massive increase in fares comes after there was a slight dip in the second half of July. In case you are wondering, it is expected that this fare will continue to rise, and do so till September 6. According to travel agents, there are other factors that have also contributed to the hike in airfares. This includes Air India’s decision of reducing the airline’s capacities in two-tier cities in India and of course the bankruptcy of Go First, a budget airline from India. So, as a result, the report was seen quoting that an Economy Class ticket from Mumbai to Dubai, which generally costs just over AED500 is now priced at AED890 to AED1000 for August.

However, it is expected that these fares may reduce only after September 18, which means that families who booked one-way tickets this summer will have to wait for the airfares to reduce before booking their return tickets. Having said this, many travellers are also searching for an alternative way to return to the UAE. They were considering booking tickets to Ras Al Khaimah or even Sharjah, which is considerably cheaper.

With the hike in efforts, do you also know anyone who has been affected by this hike?

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