Akasa Air Debuts In Air, Takes Off Maiden Flight From Delhi Airport

Akasa Air
by Sanmita A
by Sanmita A 149

Akasa Air is the new commercial airline that has created a stir in the Indian aviation industry. On Friday, the first flight took off from the Delhi airport. The flight was scheduled to fly from Delhi to Bangalore. The airlines took to Twitter in order to share the excitement of their first flight. Read on to know more about Akasa Air’s flights in India.

Akasa Air First Flight From Delhi To Bengaluru

The new commercial airlines, in a tweet, expressed the excitement of their first flight from Delhi. This is what they wrote, ”DELighted to take off from DELwallo ki Dilli for the first time today! Enjoy a glimpse of our celebration @DelhiAirport. We are progressively expanding our network and connecting more cities. Book now on http://akasaair.com or app #AkasaAir #TheAkasaNetwork #DelhiAirport.”

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New Airlines To Give Competition To Other Airlines

The new airline which flew its first flight today has been giving a large amount of competition to the other airlines in the Indian aviation industry. Eventually, the new airlines aim to bring down the charges for flight tickets. Considering the Akasa Air flight tickets, there are other airlines too, which are reducing the charges of their fares. Additionally, the airline is also going to connect the Northeastern cities with the metro city of Bengaluru. These flights will begin on 21st October 2022.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/AkasaAir